I woke up on a worn-out bed. I began to wander around the room. I realized that I've been captured and that I'm in a cell."But who?" asked I. "More" As I laid down I picked up my pyrrha sliver heart necklace. As I put in on, I cried. I knew that my friends, my sister, and espically Luke was risking their lives to find me. I heard a voice in my head saying "The door is your only way out Natasha, go now!"  "Okay, okay fine." mumbled I. When I opened the door I encountered a clad gothic girl who resembles my close friend, Isabella."Who are you? What is this place?" asked I. The girl gulped and said "The name's Joel deJeaux, and your in the imperial prison of Grandell.". I gave Joel a smile and thought " I heard about this place's where Soul Calibur resides!" I gave Joel a spunky look and said " How 'bout we go search for Soul Calibur!" Joel's facial expression went to normal to suprised."I was just thinking the same thing.....let's go!'"

                   As the two girls searched for Soul Calibur they in encountered a small fragment of the holy sword. 

"It's so shiny and beautiful!" explained Joel. "With this pace will find Soul Calibur in a nick of time!" said I. 

              Then a girl with a deadly ring blade appeared......some call her Tira.

"Your not going anywhere near that sword! I must destory it for my master, Nightmare!" screamed Tira.  The girl swung her blade towards us. "Your not going to make it out alive,kitties!" said Tira

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