• I live in new york
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is blogger, full time student
  • I am a guy
  • ISlezzy

    These are the main villans of my story. 

    Kronus, (also known as the Azure Death) is the main villan of the story. He is heartless,cold, bitter , and could care less of others' feelings. He has killed Kokoro, Kai, and Kasumi's parents. He possessed Resse and possibly Emilla's father which in result killed their mother. His true identity is unknown. His weapon of choice is the zweihandler. Some have rumored that his sword is Soul Edge in a veiled form and that he is a servant of the cursed sword. What lies in his soul is Death.

    Kira, Kronus' favorite servant. She, just like her master is cold, bitter, and heartless. Her eye color is a deep teal with a black sclera. Her hair is put pigtails which surprisingly form a jester's hat. She grew up in…

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  • ISlezzy

    All about my writing style

    January 2, 2013 by ISlezzy

    When it comes to writing...I just love to write about monsters like werewolves and nercomancers. I also enjoy the adventure, the drama, the suffering, and the love of writing a story. I usally have to take a walk or breaks during or before writing, it gets things that are bothering me of my mind. I like to make stories with my friends and I on journeys, or just plain tweener realtionships. I also need a source to keep me going like music, or a great support system. This is advice to all writers. If your making a "holy warrior", a "rebelious leader", or that famous "femme fatale", listen to music that describes that character. If your making a "party girl who just broke up with her mate", I would prefer "I Love It" by Icona Pop.

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  • ISlezzy

    Happy New Year! 2013...

    January 1, 2013 by ISlezzy

    Hey this is iSlezzy here celabrating the freaking, new year with all of the adimns,staff, and bloggers! This year I'll be 13...geez I'm getting so old!(Lolz) What are you planning for the big day? Comment ISlezzy (talk) 05:58, January 1, 2013 (UTC) iSlezzy

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  • ISlezzy

    Kokoro"s Clan

    December 31, 2012 by ISlezzy

    Hey guys it's me iSlezzy and I was just playing SoulCalibur V and I made new, amazing characters who are the clan of Kokoro! Please take your time and read the bios.......

    Kokoro Harnuo, a spunky, fearless teen who's on a quest to find her best friend and crush, Sai Takahashi. She joined on her quest by her sisters, Kai and Kasumi Harnuo. She has dark brownish red hair. Her eyes are light violet. Her weapon of choice is the dual kodachi. Her weapons name is Pain & Purity. She is best friends with Emilla Lacriox, Ayia and Chole Castro, Neji Akita, Resse Jensdatter, Duko Heshrio, Hwang-Li Gyeong, Leo Drakos, and Cami Gensai. Her main rivals are Kira, Kronus, Alexia Taylor (for her teasing of Kai), Amber St.Onge (for her and Alexia's teasing of…

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  • ISlezzy

    (This is a preview of my story Broken Destines: The Diary)

    As we defeated Tira.. We found a fragment of Soul Edge. "Soul Edge, the cursed sword!" explained Joel. "Do you think that we should just keep this fragment?" asked I. Joel rolled her eyes and said "We should, it could help of in battle."  "No way! I've heard stories about Soul Edge and it's chaos power!" yelled I. Joel put the Soul Edge fragment on her leather choker. "I'll keep for save keeping on my choker, okay amiga."  I playfully rolled my eyes and began walking again. "You should put the Soul Calibur fragment on your necklace, amiga!" said Joel."Why in the hell would I do that?" asked I. "So if were in combat, we could combine the two fragments into one!" said Joel. "Okay here, it…

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