I think I'll use the blog to take care of my fan fiction stuff. If you want some more details on my fan fic, please click on the following links:  [1] [2]

The first link has detailed info on my OC's. The second link provides details to my FanVerse, which features the Soul Calibur franchise.

Anyway, I guess I can go ahead and call my FanVerse "The VG Universe." Basically, it's our real world in an alternate universe, and it has all sorts of fictional characters, especially the video game characters. The franchises I mention on my homepage in this wiki are the heroes of the FanVerse. Right now, the heroes are facing a dispute between Hispanic telenovela actors and actresses and the Japanese seiyuu. Both cultures are competing to see who's better than the other. In other words, Telenovelas vs Anime, and it's limited to the activities these two industries do.

Of course, I WON'T USE the actual celebrities in the story. Applying "Captain Ersatz" to this plot, I must be creative in writing out this little feud.

Additionally, at one point in my life, I was really into anime, especially Sailor Moon. Then, while in high school, between 2006 and 2010, I watched and researched lots of telenovelas. These two interests eventually collided with each other, and I used this collision in my fan fics.

Like I've said before, details are on the links provided here. So, please don't hesitate to read. :o)

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