New info!

VG Universe, like I've told ya before, has different video game franchises working together to save the world. Since 2004, the Soul Calibur franchise plays a big part. They're the best friends to the Sonic and Nintendo teams.

With the info I've provided so far, I think I'll talk about what's up with the Soul Calibur characters since 2010. In terms of weapons, each character retains their default weapons from Soul Calibur III and V (for newer characters like Pyrrha and Patroklos). Soul Calibur and Soul Edge are very powerful, but they're not part of the main threat in my fan fic. An even more interesting thing was that I made Sophitia's Elk Shield into a "utility shield." It can transform into any weapon, hiding spot, or flying contraption Sophie wants it to be. Patroklos will almost always have his Stigma Sword and Arcadia Shield, which were crafted by his dad, Rothion, for his 13th birthday.

As for Sophitia? Well, before Soul Calibur V was first announced, she was my overall favorite SC character. She still kind of is, but Pyrrha kicks butt, too. Anyway, prior to May 2011, Sophitia played a major role in my fan fic. Working with my favorite characters from the Nintendo and Sonic teams, Luigi and Knuckles, respectively, Sophitia defeated many strong evil forces. She's also made and trained friends from around the world.

What about Pyrrha? Even before May 2011, Pyrrha, along with her brother, were introduced (first appeared in my fan fic in summer 2007), wanted to fight alongside the other heroes. In recent times, Pyrrha's gained much more power and strength to fend off her now-greatest enemy, Dark Saber (an OC of mine). Of course, she'll have Patroklos, nicknamed "Patrick" in the fan fic, on her side as well. More details in the links provided by my first blog post. :o)

So, yeah, that's how the Soul Calibur franchise operates in my story. The Alexandra family will continue to fight with their friends. Who knows what'll bring even more challenges to all the heroes?

Don't forget to read my forum posts. I go under the name "SophiRprsnt95."

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