(Note: I tend to write my stories in the present tense. I don't know why, but I just like it that way. I know it's more appropriate to write in the past tenses. So, please bear with me. Remember, in the previous blog posts, Patroklos is called "Patrick."

The following excerpt was part of a story made up back in June 2011. Pyrrha was 13 years old, and Patrick was 12. Their mom, Sophitia, was captured by the evil warlord, Dark Saber. With the help of the Video Game heroes, described in my profile and other blog posts, the siblings tracked down Saber's base. Pyrrha was about to face her ultimate foe for the first time ever.)

Pyrrha and Patrick are shocked to find out that their own mother, Sophitia, is Dark Saber's prisoner. Patroklos turns to where Mario and the others are with a scared expression. It seems the VG heroes are confused as well. Pyrrha's still staring at the electric cage that's trapped her mother. What does Dark Saber want with Sophitia?

Pyrrha: -thinking- Mom, we'll get you out of there.

Dark Saber: I won't regret imprisoning your mother. If you should want her free, you'll have to face me.

Upon hearing this, Patrick unsheathes his short sword, but one of Dark Saber's guards knocks him down to the ground using it's sword's hilt. His sister looks down at him in shock but does nothing else. Pyrrha simply stands there with one of her fists clenched. Anger is slowly building up inside her. Meanwhile, Mario and his team, all huddled up far away, secretly text each other through their communicators to come up with their own plan.

Mario: -his message sent to the rest of the team- It's-a time we showed Dark Saber who he's really messing with.

Luigi: -text message sent to others- How're we gonna free Sophitia with the guards armed with freakishly large swords?

Sonic: -text message sent to others- Well, let's just distract them.

After the secret conversation ends, the VG heroes split up to look for guards. When Sonic spin dashes past two axe-wielding guards, disarming them in the process. Nearby guards notice this disturbance and immediately determine that the VG heroes are currently fighting their forces. Shortly after that, Dark Saber gives out a signal to all his guards to start fighting the heroes while he goes back to focusing on Pyrrha. His army searches for the split-up heroes, who've now gathered again to come up with a fighting strategy. Then, Dark Saber slowly rises from his crimson throne, takes out his deadly saber, and points it at his opponent.

Dark Saber: Your friends made a mistake. Fighting my army won't help with freeing your mother.

Pyrrha: It's your fault. You got them worried as much as I was. My mom's part of the team, too.

Angered by the comments, Dark Saber stomps closer to Pyrrha while tightly clenching his weapon.

Pyrrha: You want to settle this now? It wouldn't be wise because you're up against a true fighter. A young lady striving to protect her family from harm like you.

Patrick, who's now pinned to the ground by spear guards, struggles to speak up.

Patrick: Uh, sis, we're ALL true fighters.

Spear Guard: Shut up!

Pyrrha: -to Dark Saber- I have to put an end to this.

Dark Saber: That's enough! Prepare to die in front of your mother's eyes!

The two have their swords ready. Pyrrha wants to care more about saving her mother. On the other hand, Dark Saber wants Pyrrha out of his way for good. It all seems silent where the two are about to fight. With the rest of the heroes challenging Saber's army, Pyrrha takes a deep breath. Sophitia, kneeling in pain from getting electrified by the cage, watches in despair. Patrick wants to free himself from the guards, but it'll be very difficult to do so. Then, in an instant, Dark Saber raises his blade and slashes at Pyrrha, but she dodges the move in a swift dash to her left, close to where her brother's being held down.

Dark Saber: That was only a warm-up. Now, you'll pay!

Pyrrha vs. Dark Saber

Pyrrha vs Dark Saber!

To be continued.....

Yeah, as you guys can see, I'm not good at writing stories. :P

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