Sorry for not being on here lately. I hate the lack of any free wi-fi near or around my house. That's also the reason why I've been unsuccessful, so far, in finding a job, not to mention looking at experience required for jobs.

I'm working on my fanfic in which Code M, my futuristic ninja/assassin (ok, maybe he's more of an assassin), debuts. Here's a brief description of the plot. By the way, I might post some or all of it online because NO REAL LIFE PEOPLE, including celebrities, are involved.

Brief plot: Patrokolos, or "Patrick," informs the video game heroes that Pyrrha will be visiting everybody this week. She and Patrick were forcefully separated from their family and each other by one of the VG Universe's enemies, but as the sibilings grow older, they begin to bend the rules set by the person who nearly tore their family apart. While all the heroes hang out, somebody seems to be spying on Pyrrha and finds a chance to attack her. Later, the heroes find this person, who reveals information of a conspiracy in which Pyrrha will eventually betray her friends and leave them to death. Many secrets will be known, but who's telling the truth?

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