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  • HorseyNightmare19

    Hello, everybody!

    I'm sure you've heard the news about good 'ol Sophitia, my all-time favorite SC character, being a guest in a game from a different franchise. Looking forward to it, and maybe I'll even buy the game.

    So, I'm creating a few new, and some old, OCs on SC V. They'll be, as commented on my OC thread in, simple designs, but I'm just not as creative as everybody else on this wikia.

    One of my new creations isn't human. He/She/They don't even have faces like us, but they do have human-like bodies. That's all the previewing I can provide. See y'all soon. :o)

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  • HorseyNightmare19

    Sorry for not being on here lately. I hate the lack of any free wi-fi near or around my house. That's also the reason why I've been unsuccessful, so far, in finding a job, not to mention looking at experience required for jobs.

    I'm working on my fanfic in which Code M, my futuristic ninja/assassin (ok, maybe he's more of an assassin), debuts. Here's a brief description of the plot. By the way, I might post some or all of it online because NO REAL LIFE PEOPLE, including celebrities, are involved.

    Brief plot: Patrokolos, or "Patrick," informs the video game heroes that Pyrrha will be visiting everybody this week. She and Patrick were forcefully separated from their family and each other by one of the VG Universe's enemies, but as the sibilings…

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  • HorseyNightmare19

    Hello, everybody! It's been a while since my last blog post, but I've been busy with papers and stuff like that in college.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to re-introduce my "fan weapon," the Utility Shield. Sure, I could make this into a separate page on this Wikia, but I'm not prepared to make those things yet. I'll describe the basics in this blog post.

    Anyway, the Utility Shield is wielded by Sophitia. It was designed and built by her husband, Rothion, sometime after the two got married. It looks exactly like her Elk Shield in the video games, too. Most of the time, it's used for defensive purposes, of course. Sophitia can extend the shield to protect her and her friends from danger. Other times, she transforms the shield into a prop…

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  • HorseyNightmare19

    (Note: I tend to write my stories in the present tense. I don't know why, but I just like it that way. I know it's more appropriate to write in the past tenses. So, please bear with me. Remember, in the previous blog posts, Patroklos is called "Patrick."

    The following excerpt was part of a story made up back in June 2011. Pyrrha was 13 years old, and Patrick was 12. Their mom, Sophitia, was captured by the evil warlord, Dark Saber. With the help of the Video Game heroes, described in my profile and other blog posts, the siblings tracked down Saber's base. Pyrrha was about to face her ultimate foe for the first time ever.)

    Pyrrha and Patrick are shocked to find out that their own mother, Sophitia, is Dark Saber's prisoner. Patroklos turns to …

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  • HorseyNightmare19

    New info!

    VG Universe, like I've told ya before, has different video game franchises working together to save the world. Since 2004, the Soul Calibur franchise plays a big part. They're the best friends to the Sonic and Nintendo teams.

    With the info I've provided so far, I think I'll talk about what's up with the Soul Calibur characters since 2010. In terms of weapons, each character retains their default weapons from Soul Calibur III and V (for newer characters like Pyrrha and Patroklos). Soul Calibur and Soul Edge are very powerful, but they're not part of the main threat in my fan fic. An even more interesting thing was that I made Sophitia's Elk Shield into a "utility shield." It can transform into any weapon, hiding spot, or flying cont…

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