When I first became an admin in the summer of 2009, I was happy. But now, its a headache. When Sieggy put me and SMS1996 in charge of the Fanon section, I made some rules for people to follow. They are now known as the Rules of Fanon, a strict set of guidelines for people to follow when they make fan characters. I wrote them with the help of a few others, including the original admin of the old Soul Calibur Fanon Wiki. Because both Wikis were not too big, Sieggy decided to let them be merged.

At first, I loved the idea as I am an author of Soul Calibur fan fictions myself. But now, its all hell. The original problem was people messing with the actual character pages to match their fan characters. That problem has since become rare. Now, no one wants to follow the rules on page names.

And there is this one guy who didn't only break that rule, he broke the second rule: No copyrighted character infringement. Now when I try to leave him a message, its deleted from his talk page.

I just don't know what to do. I already gave one offender a week to fix his mistakes before I count anything against him. But by trying to enforce the rules, am I the bad guy?

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