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  • Highwayman Myth

    Attention all users, this wiki is full of pictures that do not belong. We the admins are cleaning them out. Before you complain, this is the SoulCalibur Wlki. Pictures from outside the game that are not fan art or have no relation to the series do not belong. I know that many of you are against this. But sadly, it needs to be done. We are one of the few wikis that have the fanon merged with the official. Its still no reason to post pictures of characters that have no relation to the series. I am sorry if you need them for your fan games. But remember, the fan stuff on this wiki is a privilege and not a right.

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  • Highwayman Myth

    Damnit Daishi!

    August 31, 2012 by Highwayman Myth

    I just checked out the Soul Calibur Facebook page, and read an old post. On August 2nd, they admitted to ending the DLC. I'm sorry, but there's more that they could've done. This includes giving us the rest of the Story mode that they only gave us a quarter off, or expanding the roster. Even new modes would've been appreciated.

    But no... they didn't want to please us, the loyal fans, who were looking at Soul Calibur V as a salvation from Soul Calibur IV. I'm starting to think that Dashi doesn't care about us, the fans, whom he claims to care about input from.

    I'm sorry, but I'm starting to lose faith.

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  • Highwayman Myth

    When I first became an admin in the summer of 2009, I was happy. But now, its a headache. When Sieggy put me and SMS1996 in charge of the Fanon section, I made some rules for people to follow. They are now known as the Rules of Fanon, a strict set of guidelines for people to follow when they make fan characters. I wrote them with the help of a few others, including the original admin of the old Soul Calibur Fanon Wiki. Because both Wikis were not too big, Sieggy decided to let them be merged.

    At first, I loved the idea as I am an author of Soul Calibur fan fictions myself. But now, its all hell. The original problem was people messing with the actual character pages to match their fan characters. That problem has since become rare. Now, no …

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