This fan fictioned relationship is made by me, Hannahmontanafan90. This article is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 'This article focuses on the friendship between Ricardo and Christine.

At the events, Christine seems to be friendly to Ricardo.

Meeting for the first time [Uncanoned]

In Christine's input ending, an unknown person who is possibly Ricardo, helps her destroys Soul Edge. Christine defeats him because she never known him.

In Christine's alternate ending, she was at the Castle That Never Was and saw the boy again. The boy introduces himself and told her the reason why he saves her.

Soulcalibur IV - The Encounter

Christine was in fifth grade, she sparks at Ricardo and said in her mind, "That boy, he saved me from Soul Edge." At their encounter, she stopped him from wielding Soul Edge and was worried that he wouldn't remember her. Later, she heals him with Soul Calibur.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny - Close Relationship

Ricardo is seen helping Christine defeating the current Kid Buu. Later, he embraces her at the clapout which made Christine's heartbeat accelerates love.

Soulcalibur V - Reunion and Friendship Starts

Christine got mad at Ricardo for requesting a hug then shows her love. At the Castle That Never Was, after Christine met Anthony, she has made her decision to get Ricardo to meet Anthony. This is shown the reason why she wanted Ricardo to meet Anthony is that she believed that Anthony was Danny (which Anthony and Brady were a part of Danny and also Danny's reincarnation.). Christine refuses to give up her decision. At the end, her ancestor heals her, then Christine slaps Ricardo for her awakening and embraces him as she called him "a troublemaker."

Affection between their friendship

Christine has wielded Soul Edge in order to save Ricardo. At night, she was infected by No. 902 with karma while sleeping. Strangely, Ricardo has been acting so different lately. Christine wanted to tell him why (The reason why Ricardo has been acted different lately is because of her wieldence of Soul Edge.), but refused because he "ignored" her (it is not because he hated her.). At Anthony and Ricardo's fight, Anthony attempting to stab Ricardo, but stabbed Christine instead. Instead of showing her death, Christine is wounded. Ricardo was enragely witnesses her after she was stabbed. Ricardo quickly wielded a sword, but instead of Soul Edge, he wielded Soul Calibur in order to heal her. Ricardo was relieved that she is alive and embraces her once again. They remained as friends after the events of Soul Calibur V.



  • Both have something in common.
  • In the alternate timeline #1, Ricardo does not exist in that timeline.
  • In the alternate timeline #2, Christine has never met or known Ricardo.
  • In the alternate timeline #3, Christine (and Courtney) does not exist in that timeline.
  • In the alternate timeline #4, Christine went to the same school as him, but at the clapout, Ricardo did not embraced Christine which instead, she doesn't shown her feeling to him.
  • In the alternate timeline #5, Christine survived and Ricardo passed away due to Soul Edge.
  • In the alternate timeline #6, Ricardo has met Christine, but "killed" her by his own hands due to the evil seed.
  • In the alternate timeline #7, Christine went the same school as him, but did not become friends or met Geniah.

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