Hi everyone! I made Monica, a fan character, her style was Cassandra, and she was a main character on the fan game, Soulcalibur V so here is the history of her:

A 13 years old Monica ran away from home and she met a 15 years old Blake and his 12 years old brother Tyler. Tyler was in love with Monica when Blake was jealous. Monica also met Skyler, a 14 years old genius. Monica was hanging out with Blake, Tyler, and Skyler as she bumped into a bully named Billy, but nicknamed as "The fatman". Billy shoves Monica violently when Blake punches Billy in the stomach for violating Monica. A few weeks later, a mysterious stranger beat up Billy when Skyler thinks he was a hero. After Billy was beatened up, Blake carries Monica to his house and nurses her. 3 weeks later, Blake was alone where the calmed lake were. Monica comes up to him and sat next to him. Blake confesses Monica his love for her. He couldn't get a feeling to her as he embraces her, however, he was about to kiss her. Monica thinks they're couples. Blake holds Monica's hand and kisses her to the lip and leaves. A few weeks later, a 16 years old Evan met Skyler and fell in love with her. Skyler invited Evan to her house. At Skyler's house, Evan and Skyler had sushi and kissed which makes them blush. About 4 months pasted, Blake and Monica were already had been dating in 4 months. Evan and Skyler went to a movie and kissed. A week past, Monica was alone, but she saw Blake in the rain. She come to him. Blake blushed when Monica was with him. The storm increases when Blake protects Monica almost being strucked by a lightning. Blake embraces Monica and they share a passionate kiss in a horrible storm.

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