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  • Hannahmontanafan90

    These are the ones I confirmed.

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  • Hannahmontanafan90

    Hey everyone! Hannahmontanafan90 here! And I am going to choose who is one of the characters from Soulcalibur Series. And yeah I am going to be one of them. I might put one of the users up. If you're interested in this, leave a comment. This will continue until February 6, 2012! I hope to see who is one of the characters from Soulcalibur Series. :)

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  • Hannahmontanafan90

    This fan fictioned relationship is made by me, Hannahmontanafan90. This article is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 'This article focuses on the friendship between Ricardo and Christine.

    At the events, Christine seems to be friendly to Ricardo.

    In Christine's input ending, an unknown person who is possibly Ricardo, helps her destroys Soul Edge. Christine defeats him because she never known him.

    In Christine's alternate ending, she was at the Castle That Never Was and saw the boy again. The boy introduces himself and told her the reason why he saves her.

    Christine was in fifth grade, she sparks at Ricardo and said in her mind, "That boy, he saved me from Soul Edge." At their encounter, she stopped him from wielding Soul Edge and was worried that h…

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  • Hannahmontanafan90

    Hi everyone! I made Monica, a fan character, her style was Cassandra, and she was a main character on the fan game, Soulcalibur V so here is the history of her:

    A 13 years old Monica ran away from home and she met a 15 years old Blake and his 12 years old brother Tyler. Tyler was in love with Monica when Blake was jealous. Monica also met Skyler, a 14 years old genius. Monica was hanging out with Blake, Tyler, and Skyler as she bumped into a bully named Billy, but nicknamed as "The fatman". Billy shoves Monica violently when Blake punches Billy in the stomach for violating Monica. A few weeks later, a mysterious stranger beat up Billy when Skyler thinks he was a hero. After Billy was beatened up, Blake carries Monica to his house and nurses…

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