Soulcalibur VI is approaching us, or so I believe. They've released the popularity poll and hinted at a big announcement in the near future. If that game is indeed Soulcalibur VI, what would you like to see? It's been three years since Soulcalibur V was released, which was notable for splitting the fanbase down the middle when it launched. Now, I don't see too many people defending the changes SCV made anymore, especially now that director Daishi Odashima is gone. It doesn't look like SC is going to follow the path Daishi had intended, so anything could happen with SCVI. Personally, I want all the old characters back (and I'm hardly alone on that wish).

I'm not sure how they should do it, but I do have one idea. They could use time travel to bring the series back to the original setting, since this was established as possible in SCV's story. Alternatively, they could use Astral Chaos to bring the old characters into the current setting. Lost Swords, while a non-canon free-to-play that continues to be bane of many SC fans worldwide, provided some interesting information. It says that the shards of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur scattered across time, bringing forth warriors of multiple eras (explaining why we have characters from SCIV and V in the same game). This could easily be used in SCVI. I am confident the old characters will return, if the poll they're holding is any indication. Interestingly, Hoshino mocked Patroklos on their Facebook page. It seems he doesn't have a whole lot of respect for Daishi's work.

Besides the characters, I would like more content in general. SCV severely lacked in content, making it a rather bare bones experience. I would personally love to see Chronicles of the Sword return, I spent hours playing that. CAS was improved in SCV, but there's still a lot of room for improvement in SCVI. Click the links for details. (note: that isn't me). [1] [2]

Well, I could go on and on about this. What are you hoping to see in SCVI? Discuss.

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