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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Found this on 8WayRun.

    Someone asked him if SCVI was on the way, to which replied "Umm..". I'm a bit worried as to what it means, because that can also be interpreted as there being no SCVI. However, given that they said there would be big news "soon", perhaps this is alluding to an SCVI announcement?

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    They just released a 72-hour countdown clock for a "mysterious game"

    Occasionally there are lines that say that are posted in different languages:

    • "Can you feel the hunger?"
    • "We have cast us back"
    • "There is no way out"
    • "The architecture resonates among the weak"
    • "There is no escape"
    • "Is there still hope?"

    I hope this is SCVI or some kind of reboot. I don't know what else there is to announce, and I'll be pissed if it's something else after all this time.

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    It's been a long time coming, but Lost Swords will finally shut down permanently on November 30 of this year. Before that, it'll still be playable but the other functions will be removed. AP Potion and Tickets will stop being sold on September 30, and all other in-game items will be taken down on October 27. I'm sure we've been waiting for this for so long, but the dog days are finally over. Now Soulcalibur can return to being the fighter we know and love.

    The Japanese video on the right is called "Graduation", basically a goodbye message to Lost Swords. Two quotes from the video resonate with me: "Long live Soulcalibur" and "The warriors fade, but the souls will ignite again."

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Soulcalibur VI?

    August 23, 2015 by Evil Cheese Wedge

    Is anyone else a bit disappointed by the lack of any news pertaining to SCVI? When they did the popularity poll back in May, I thought they were going to announce it at E3. It just seemed like such an obvious thing. But they didn't, there was nothing. Now Gamescom has passed and there is still nothing. Their Facebook is just more stuff about the Lost Swords crap...

    They said they would have a big announcement "soon". When exactly is "soon"? How long do they plan to keep their fans waiting? I really hope they announce it by the end of the year, because it's been nearly four years since the last main SC.

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Soulcalibur VI is approaching us, or so I believe. They've released the popularity poll and hinted at a big announcement in the near future. If that game is indeed Soulcalibur VI, what would you like to see? It's been three years since Soulcalibur V was released, which was notable for splitting the fanbase down the middle when it launched. Now, I don't see too many people defending the changes SCV made anymore, especially now that director Daishi Odashima is gone. It doesn't look like SC is going to follow the path Daishi had intended, so anything could happen with SCVI. Personally, I want all the old characters back (and I'm hardly alone on that wish).

    I'm not sure how they should do it, but I do have one idea. They could use time travel to br…

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