Hey everyone! So, since Soulcalibur V has been out for almost two weeks, I assume that most of us have it by now. That being said, I'm really interested in knowing your opinions about it. Were you disappointed? Or do you think the game was a total success? And while I'm asking for your thoughts, I'll give you guys mine as well :)

Overall, I'm more disappointed than I am satisfied.

It's not because I lost my mains or anything like that, it's because I feel like project soul could have done SO MUCH more with it. The game honestly feels like a beta to me.

  • There's no museum. There's no RPG mode such as Chronicles of the Sword or Weapon Master Mode; I'd much rather have something like Tower of Lost Souls than NOTHING - there's no way Legendary Souls can replace those modes.
  • The game has taken a major step back gameplay wise from Soulcalibur IV, everyone's movelists have been cut in half! I understand they want to make characters more accessible for new players, but it's like they have forgotten about all of us. Tira is the best example. She lost half of her movest in both persona's and was only given about three to four new attacks - not to mention she lost her just frames.
  • And of course, there's only ONE story. Characters having specific dialog isn't going to cut their missing story, ughh!
  • Small complaint: the time only goes up to 60 seconds -_-

The upsides

  • Though there only was one story, I thought it was amazing and that the graphics were fantastic.
  • They fixed the constant online lag in xbox live (or playstation if you guys had that problem)
  • I like the Global Colosseum, having rivals, playing back replays and what was a generous touch.
  • Critical Edges and Brave Edges were very wise ideas to bring more variety to the gameplay. Also the removal of Critical Finishes.
  • On a personal note: I'm very pleased with Natsu. She's no Taki, but I like her overall.

And that's pretty much it. Of course I didn't put everything, I don't want to write a book, but I want to know how you guys feel about Soulcalibur V. Are you Disappointed of Satisfied?|

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