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    Disappointment or Success?

    February 10, 2012 by EnemyLove

    Hey everyone! So, since Soulcalibur V has been out for almost two weeks, I assume that most of us have it by now. That being said, I'm really interested in knowing your opinions about it. Were you disappointed? Or do you think the game was a total success? And while I'm asking for your thoughts, I'll give you guys mine as well :)

    Overall, I'm more disappointed than I am satisfied.

    It's not because I lost my mains or anything like that, it's because I feel like project soul could have done SO MUCH more with it. The game honestly feels like a beta to me.

    • There's no museum. There's no RPG mode such as Chronicles of the Sword or Weapon Master Mode; I'd much rather have something like Tower of Lost Souls than NOTHING - there's no way Legendary Sou…
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