Hi, I was just wondering. where should I put SCII HD online arts and screenshots. not cause it is nessessary with screenshots but they just realised chibi icons for SC2HDonline and I really love them and I really wanna add them to their profile galleries here on wikia. but it feels kinda unnesessary to create a whole new gallery to put one simple picture.

so what shoudl I do. add them on the SC2 sektion of the gallery? or should I add a new section for SC2HD online?

Also related, is SC2HDonline considered an own game so that we will add the categories of these two to the games various characters appears in?. same quetsion goes for SCLost Swords. (example: Sophtitia; appears in; SC II, SCIII SCIV SCLostSwords)

please answer me and sorry if I my questions are stupid.

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