Okey so since my first post about this was mostly to see how many of you who where interested I will now tell a little bit closer upon the project. The following text will take up these 3 subjects:

* How is the project going to work?   
* About the story   and 
* For how long will this project be ongoing?

How is this going to work?.

well I do know you all might not be familliar with the deviantart communety but I´d really like to have that our main site. Reason for this is that Deviantart is a more personal site than a wikia. so i want you all to create a deviantart account (you who already got one send me a link ;) ). If you for some reason cant create a deviantart account leave a comment and Im sure we can figure something out :)

On Deviantart we will make roleplays in groups, dont that sound fun? :D if anyone has more ideas just tell! its always great to chare ideas!. 
you can check out some of the other interested over Deviantart here:




About the story

What did I have in mind? where are we going?.
well I don´t have the slightest clue. We got 7 seas and 5 continents to explore! who knows what will happen. 

But the trip starts in sweden in the events after SCV, how you got there and how you end up as a member of runa´s crew is up to you to decide. For example I am making one crew member character as well. He is a Scottish sailorman who ends up in Sweden on a buissnesstrip. when there he finds a poster of Runa searching memebers for her new crew. long story short he hates his current captain so he decides to join. 
your story can be more dramatic, or less dramatic, its all your choise. 
What position you would like to have is also up to you. 

Yet this is what we got this far:

Captain: Runa User:DeniseOberg

Second in command: Johnson User:SoulGauger

and a traveler who joins the crew in exchange of travel. 

what we need:
* a navigator or two. 
* a few ordinary sailormen
it kinda feels like there should be more stuff to be, if you know more about ships than me can you help me out on this one?

For how long will this project go on?

yeah sadly enough everything has an end, but it doesnt have to be foretold! ;) lets keep on wokring and see how far we will get. 

Any futher questions or anything I have forgot to mention? youre welcome to ask.

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