Hello everyone

Just gonna stop by and tell that I've been away due to intesne stress, some shitty drama and the fact I've got an own wiki for my original fantasy story that Ive pretty much spent my time on.

I'm just stopping by to inform also here on wikia that the imogen project is shut down due to personal reasons that I´d rather just avoid thinking about at the moment. Also that I offecially leave the dawn of destiny project. I did enjoy working on both of these projects though, it was to bad we got stuck on the story in dawn of destiny, I really wanted to work on my SC character Afton but as time has passed I realised there are more important things in my life than the internet.

I just started university and I'm studying to become a teacher in history and art, so unfortuneatly I wont have much time to come around here the nearest future.  But I still like this page and I often check my fancharacters pages to remind me of all the work Ive put down on these characters, I am happy to see they arent deleted despite me not being around much. I like the new look at the page, good work to whoever did that. Inspired me to fix a cover for my own wikia, honeslty this wiki is basicly the reason I made my own. Alot of codes and stuff that I'm not very good at, but I´ll learn. Thanks to all the people I've met here and I hope youre all still having fun on this site. I´l probebly never spend as much time here as I used to but hopefully I´ll still get to spend at least some in the future.

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