To everyone participating the project.

I have been thinking it would be fun to add pictures to the gallery on the games main page. So I wonder if you all could submit a headshot or something to the gallery there. If that is okey with SoulGauger ofcourse.

Another thing I´d like to take up is outfits. cause Im really excited how will all the characters look like?. I wish to urge you all to create new outfits for the game. Not because your old ones arent good, thats now what I mean.... I just really wanna see a vary of outfits, to me being an artistic person who loves designing thats one of the best thing in SC games. its up to you all though if you want to give your characters a new look for this game or keep with their latest.

Another thing I wanna bring up is potentional sketches. I like drawing so I wish to sketch at least one of your characters each. And if I remember right SoulGauer said there should only be finished artworks on the main page but sketches can always be submited to the characters induvidual pages. When it comes to finished artworks I will make at least one for my character Afton but Im not sure I can help you all out with that. Im a bit of a perfectionist and it takes quite a while to finish one artwork. I also suck at drawing guys ._.

Other than this I dont think there is anything more on my mind right. if I come up with anything I´ll just update this.

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