Hi everyone. damnit I love talking about soul calibur but none up here in sweden seem to ever be interested (or even know what the game is). So why not make a try here.

I am just curious, am I the only one who thinks the character designing of soul calibur just went WAY to modern in SC4 and SCV. I just want the awesome and cool character designing style from SC2 back. For example even though the grafics of SCIV and SCV is much more advanced than in SC2 some of the costumes in II actually contain MORE details.

Take a great look at the females in particular. They all lose more and more clothing and its really desturbing. EVEN IVY, her 2p outfit in SC2 is letterly the most covered up of all of her clothing. Take a look at it and tell me it does not make her look cool for once. Leixia and Natsu looks like their designed for Dynasty Warriors (dont take me wrong here I like the dynasty warriors design really much but I think thay just dont fit into this series) and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SOPHITIA!?? That must be their biggest fail ever. And Cassandra is a great example on how not just Sophie has lost her clothing.

And what about the guys? Well first im gonna say its a real shame Raphael went from badass gentleman into dark overlord and evil vampire. Seriously?. And what was they thinking when they gave Yun Seong that cap? it makes him look like fashionista.

The character quotes have also changed and thats really crappy cause that changes the character too. But Im not gonna bring this up here since I already have bored you out enough. I´ll bring that up another day.

Yeah.. I dont know what my purpose with this really is. I just wish that one day we will get some real soul calibur feelings back and I also want to hear what yout think.


Oh and I forgot to mention Talim. KJBDKBKDBDLKNLSnlkdnfg what the F*** did they do to her pants!!

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