aka denise

  • I live in sweden
  • I was born on January 5
  • I am female
  • DeniseOberg

    hello old friends

    September 10, 2015 by DeniseOberg

    Just gonna stop by and tell that I've been away due to intesne stress, some shitty drama and the fact I've got an own wiki for my original fantasy story that Ive pretty much spent my time on.

    I'm just stopping by to inform also here on wikia that the imogen project is shut down due to personal reasons that I´d rather just avoid thinking about at the moment. Also that I offecially leave the dawn of destiny project. I did enjoy working on both of these projects though, it was to bad we got stuck on the story in dawn of destiny, I really wanted to work on my SC character Afton but as time has passed I realised there are more important things in my life than the internet.

    I just started university and I'm studying to become a teacher in history …

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  • DeniseOberg

    Dont tell me youve all given up on this project? have you?

    Cause I know Im not around much because I got shool and some other things and Im really trying to find time but please dont pause everything just because I am not around that often. 

    I have finished the Maleficent Elysium art and I hope you understand that since I got school and other things art takes time. I would apprecitate if anyone else here who draws could help me out. Anyhow, I also want to ask if you guys are still even working on this project because I dont see a reason to be drawing for it if no one else is working. It just seems nothing happens when Im not around and I feel like iVe been gone for such a while something should have happened right. so tell me if youre still …

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  • DeniseOberg

    just to let you know

    September 25, 2014 by DeniseOberg

    To short things up Ive been away due to a headache problem which kept my time spent online limited, therfor I had no time to come over here. I had to prioritise things above this site. Anyhow, just wanted to check how everyone is and if anything special has happened?

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  • DeniseOberg

    Okey so I was speaking to my friend about poking soul edges eye, which this idea isnt about but anyhow, then in that conversation it hit me like gold that there used to be two soul edge blades.

    If I remember right Sophitia destroyed this blade. But if Soul Edge can be reborn like ten times over, why cant this blade be?. Now you remember when I before I left here some weeks ago said I wanted to add my character Gwendolyn? I was thinking she would learn to know about this second soul edge and try revive it. If Mal Elysium finds out about this she might want to obtein that soul edge as well, or get Gwendolyn to join under her command.

    Now Im not a master on the topic so if anyone know if there is a logic reason to why this blade havent been rev…

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  • DeniseOberg

    I am back :D

    July 27, 2014 by DeniseOberg

    okey so I am back from the con. So what have I missed? Someone who can sum it up for me?

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