• DeathNyx

    Just a list of things i need to do or correct about my Fan Fiction. A notification will be added after completion.

    FanVerse Main page:

    • Complete remaining characters bio in "Characters" section.
    • Complete remaining dates and events in "Timeline" section.
    • Add a main cover for Episode II and III.

    Characters pages:

    • Complete Abelia profile.
    • Correct and finish Marko profile.
    • Complete Loden profile.
    • Complete Kristoff profile.
    • Correct and finish Dea profile.
    • Start Giulia profile.
    • Start Chris profile.
    • Start Laurentius profile.
    • Start Perceval profile.


    • Add portraits, concepts made with SAI/Photoshop and other images for the following characters: Abelia, Marko, Loden, Kristoff, Dea, Giulia, Chris, Laurentius and Perceval.
    • Add a gameplay video for the followi…

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  • DeathNyx

    These days i'm very busy but i'm working on Episode III of the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty. Names of the Acts/Chapters are already been released but some names may change.

    FanVerse Page: Sword of Liberty

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  • DeathNyx


    December 2, 2012 by DeathNyx

    First blog post. Thx for visiting my page. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question or you can contact me on my websites listed on my profile (Most active on

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