I was wondering if anyone (who has played the game obviously :P) has any favourites of the new characters yet?

My favourites:

  • Patroklos. I love his personality, how it can be so brash and hardy, but then you unite him with Pyrrha, and it all just melts away, and you see that caring side of him. I had a feeling I would like him, but it turns out I really love him. :P Plus, I think he's reaaaaaally good looking lol. I dislike Alpha Patroklos, though, because I never was any good with Setsuka's fighting style.
  • Leixia. I never liked Xianghua, and I could never understand why anyone would like her, tbh. But I somehow really like Leixia. I think she's a huge step up from Xianghua, and Leixia actually is a cute character, while I felt Xianghua was a little forced in that area. Like they were just trying to make her cute.
  • Xiba. I looooooove Xiba. I love his fighting style so much. I didn't expect to like him, because I was always a big fan of Kilik, but Xiba managed to do it. I love how he acts pre-battle, and how basically stupid he is. It makes me laugh. :P
  • Z.W.E.I. When I learn his fighting style a bit better, though, I'll get back to you on this one. xP I like his brash manner and the way he is just so...uncaring towards his opponent.
  • Viola. Viola is a little more...unsure for me. I like her fighting style, but it does lack power, and can take forever in battle. But, when I get low health, I just seem to mash buttons, and with Viola, that just seems to knock out about a million combos. :P I also like her pre-match quote with Z.W.E.I.

So yeah, thats almost everyone but Natsu (haven't used her much yet. Might change when I use her a little more.), Pyrrha (I dislike moe characters.), Alpha and Omega (I do like Pyrrha Omega, though, I see a lot of Sophitia there :P) and Elysium (I like her a lot, but not really "favourite")

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