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    Favourite new characters?

    February 4, 2012 by Daleyx

    I was wondering if anyone (who has played the game obviously :P) has any favourites of the new characters yet?

    My favourites:

    • Patroklos. I love his personality, how it can be so brash and hardy, but then you unite him with Pyrrha, and it all just melts away, and you see that caring side of him. I had a feeling I would like him, but it turns out I really love him. :P Plus, I think he's reaaaaaally good looking lol. I dislike Alpha Patroklos, though, because I never was any good with Setsuka's fighting style.
    • Leixia. I never liked Xianghua, and I could never understand why anyone would like her, tbh. But I somehow really like Leixia. I think she's a huge step up from Xianghua, and Leixia actually is a cute character, while I felt Xianghua was a l…
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