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June 14, 2012
  • Comix77

    Listen up, folks

    October 10, 2014 by Comix77

    I just stumbled upon petition with a great goal, but little support. If anyone is interested in getting an HD remake of SoulCalibur III, then go ahead and join the cause.

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  • Comix77

    It would be really hard for the creators to satisfy everybody (lately they didn't satisfy anybody), so many of us thought of it. So I'm asking you: which fighting style do you want to appear in the game ?

    Personally, I'd like to see someone with one-handed axe, someone with dual-swords, a mage who uses a stuff and a sword (kind of like Hilde, just without preaching about the homeland evey ten seconds), a sword and a dagger (without Cervantes gun and powers), one-handed battle-hammer and... someone who uses a regular bastard sword. Not a katana, not a rapier, not a whip-sword, not some weird Yun-Seong fighting style, not Xianghua's exotic fighting style, just the good, ol' fashioned European bastard sword.

    What do you think ? What would you l…

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  • Comix77

    As the title says: which character do you love or hate ? I'm not asking about fighting styles, I'm asking about designs, personalities and stories. Who would be your best buddy and who would be your worst nightmare ?

    As for me, I really like Raphael, Nightmare, Zasalamel and Siegfried. And I really hate Natsu, Xiba, Leixia and... maybe I don't really hate Rock, but this guy's name matches him perfectly: he literally has a personality of a stone.

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  • Comix77

    SC Unbreakable Soul

    January 18, 2014 by Comix77

    A product called "SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul" was registered by Namco and we know nothing about it. What do you think ? What it's gonna be ? Will it save the series ? Or maybe just kill it entirely ?

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