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    Gee. I had to create this blog.

    All right, so my cousin is passing some days on my house. My sister don't like playing Soul Calibur that much (she prefers GH), but what me and my cousin do the most is play Soul Calibur III. (Considering we only have a PS2.)

    Right. So we both were playing as usual in the two player mode, standard. My sister was sitting in the table, using my father's laptop, but stopped what she was doing and started watching the fight. Then, she suddenly said:

    "You want to know? The true hero of Soul Calibur is not Siegfried, nor Kilik, nor anyone. The true hero of Soul Calibur is actually the cameraman." (that was during me and my cousin were playing as Amy vs. Cassandra respectively, in Cassie's stage) "He gets in the stages…

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