Torture Chamber
Background music Amid the Pure Insanity
Home to Voldo (SCV)
"The tools of insanity illuminate amongst the flames."
— Narrator 

Torture Chamber is a stage in Soul Calibur V. It is set in a sinister torture chamber that holds several torture instruments as well as guillotines. It is entirely surrounded by high walls. However, at least one of the walls can be knocked down if a player is slammed into it, leaving ring out possibilities.

The chamber is hidden below Denevér Castle, the bastion of Graf Dumas. Those unfortunate enough to survive the gruesome tortures inflicted by this room are typically fed to the carnivorous malfested kept on a lower level.


  • In the first demo of the game, this stage used the BGM "Wings of Sorrow".
  • The stage design (especially the rings design) bears almost the same resemblance to Phantom Pavilion.
  • Patroklos often met Dumas in this chamber to report mission statues and receive new orders.


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