"I'll be the end of you, mark my words!"
— Gloomy Tira

Tira (ティラ, Tira) is a fictional character in the Soul series of fighting games and a loyal servant of the evil sword, Soul Edge. She is referred to as the The Misguided Angel of Death during her debut appearance in the official E3 teaser trailer for Soulcalibur III. She has thus far appeared in all the following games: Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Soulcalibur V.

Tira fights with a unique type of weapon reminiscent of a bladed hula hoop, appropriately called a Ring Blade. She can effortlessly and swiftly swing her weapon using her wrists, feet, and body, similar to that of dancing. Her battle style relies on acrobatics, speed, and flexibility.

What lies in her soul is Torment.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, she is referred to as Dark Wings That Plot in Secret.


In her debut appearance, Tira has purple eyes, teal-colored hair, green rags, and feathered fringes. Early concept art shows Tira covered in scars on her face and body, but in the final illustration, this was replaced by painted purple stripes. In Soulcalibur IV, she undergoes a drastic evolution in design, exchanging her short blue hair for dark brown, lopsided pigtails with a long, thin braid on the back of her head. She also has an unmarred body, and wears a red ensemble. At first, this dramatic change was speculated to be the outcome of one of Tira's epilogues in her Tales of Souls Mode from Soulcalibur III, in which she was possessed by Soul Edge. However, the real reason was to reflect her new, unstable personality, as revealed in an interview with one of the character designers of Soulcalibur IV. In Soulcalibur V, Tira now has two, braided pigtails, which imitate the shape of a jester's hat, and her hair now possess three colors — white and two shades of purple. Her costume seems to be a fusion of her Soulcalibur III 1P outfit and her 2P outfit from Soulcalibur IV. This costume also presents the most direct approach to the avian theme surrounding Tira, as it is richly ornamented with tiny representations of raven skulls. This time however, there is another animal theme included in the shape of Tira's gloves, which resemble feline skulls. Also, the decoration on the buckle of her belt is very similar to the sabbatic goat head that is often inserted into reverse pentagrams as a symbol of the imagined pagan god, Baphomet, and thus became a symbol of satanism and witchcraft in the later centuries. It should also be noted that Tira's skin is now a very pale white, causing fans to speculate that she has either stopped aging or has become immortal.

Overall, Tira's costumes usually represent her split personalities, Jolly and Gloomy in her 1P and 2P outfits respectively. In each game, her 1P outfits have a more playful, revealing, and torn up look with references to the avian theme. Her 2P costumes are more conservative, have toned down or dark colors, and include a noticeable motif of jesters and clowns. Her hairstyles are usually less chaotic than they are in her 1P outfits and she also wears the dark decoration of human skulls. Oddly, this seems to have been swapped in Soulcalibur V, because her primary outfit now resembles the dark and gloomy vibe that was present in her 2P outfit from Soulcalibur IV, and her alternate costume carries the playful trait that surrounds the jolly side of her personality.


Early life

Although it is unknown where she was actually born, Tira's origins begin with a European organization hidden in the shadows called the Bird of Passage. She was raised exclusively as an assassin, for the Bird of Passage specialized in forming contracts with powerful people of prestige and dispatching assassins to eliminate important targets, and began killing at a very young age. Within this organization, Tira was known only by her codename: 'Eiserne Drossel' (Iron Thrush). Due to her upbringing, Tira became utterly inured to the sight of death, eventually becoming so engrossed in her ability to kill without experiencing any remorse or conflicting emotion that she started to become dependent on killing for the stimulation it provided. By the time she was nine years old, she had already killed enough to be considered a "Bird of Death".

Tira was taught how to fight by a woman in the organization. She raised Tira and was known as her Mother Bird. When Tira had grown older, she was forced to kill her and to perform a subsequent 'Sky Burial', as a rite of passage. The trauma of killing her mother-figure caused her to develop two different personalities.

She was later placed under the command of a man named Solnhofen, whose group dealt with missions involving VIP assassinations, "extermination and clean-up of the escort". Her resulting mental issues made her an unpredictable force and she commonly caused 'accidents' on the field. This caused her to be looked upon and treated scornfully by the other members as a 'plague'. Her skills, however, proved far too valuable to do away with.

During an assignment, the Evil Seed pervaded through the sky, burning the leader's mind and dissolving the chain of command. Inadvertently, Tira was freed, and inexplicably drifted into the custody of an adoptive family. It was this family that gave her the name 'Tira'. Although she struggled to adapt to the "average life", Tira ruminated on the new freedoms that were provided, and decided that this new life could possibly be acceptable. However, Tira's peaceful, new found existence did not last for long. After she was scolded for releasing the youngest daughter's pet bird, she murdered her entire foster family in a blind rage. Finding that she could not live without the fundamental excitement of inflicting death on others, Tira began a wandering lifestyle, and heartlessly killed any who crossed her path. To show that she was no longer a tool to the organization, she chose to keep the name her adoptive family had given her, giving her old codename to her weapon instead.

Soulcalibur III

Amidst her travels, Tira learned of the Azure Knight's massacres, and started to harbor a twisted fondness for the terrifying figure. During this leaderless period, her emotions had spiraled out of control, rapidly swinging between extremities with the slightest provocation. Because Tira had grown up without the freedom to make her own decisions, she ultimately resolved to track down the Azure Knight and become his servant, believing him to be a kindred spirit due to his ability to spread pain and suffering. Soon arriving to Ostrheinsburg, Tira encountered a man with a Death Scythe, Zasalamel. This man explained to Tira that Nightmare was nothing more than a puppet being controlled by the cursed sword, Soul Edge. Though she was disappointed by this information, Tira later jumped at the opportunity when she learned of the Azure Knight's resurfacing. After following a trail of slaughter, she finally found Nightmare and fulfilled her wish in becoming a loyal, erratic servant for he and Soul Edge. After this acceptance, she was given two tasks: To destroy the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, thus liberating Soul Edge from its prison, and locate a new, permanent host for the demonic blade. In order to fulfill these objectives, Tira was granted the protection of Nightmare's raven sentries, the Watchers.

Once again under the command of a dominant, evil being such as Nightmare, Tira contentedly set out on her quest. Those she considered worthy of the cursed sword would surely have their souls devoured by the flame of Soul Edge. And those she did not, would most definitely be killed by the hand of Tira — in order to bring more joy to the life of her own. With this bidding, Tira victimized numerous souls, claiming the lives of any who stood in her way. She was even responsible for murdering a few members of the Manjitou, Yoshimitsu's clan.
Amongst the many warriors she encountered was a strong-willed mother, Sophitia Alexandra. Tira knew of her children's existence and menacingly taunted Sophitia, threatening to use her children as hosts for Soul Edge, telling the resistant mother that when the time was right, she would indeed come for them. The mischievous girl held up to her promise and eventually kidnapped Sophitia's daughter, Pyrrha.

Soulcalibur IV

Tira awaited outside the gates of the Lost Cathedral, languishing the outcome of the battle between Siegfried, who wielded Soul Calibur, and Nightmare, who wielded Soul Edge. When the swords clashed, Tira's mind was depleted, shattered into countless pieces by the destruction unleashed by the meeting of the swords. But somehow, she found an inner will, and clawed herself back to consciousness. And in the end, Tira had become two separate people. Her mind had reformed itself into the two entities that represented Tira's original, unstable personality.

Upon her return to Ostrheinsburg, Tira began processing the information that her watchers carried to her, and began manipulating numerous ways to give Soul Edge, her king and master, advantages in battle. She would use the inhabitants of the cursed city to wear down the power of the spirit sword. And at last when they fought, the cursed sword would turn Ostrheinsburg into a giant vessel and every soul within the place would be caught in its maw, including the spirit sword. She knew that then, her king would win.

Having kidnapped Pyrrha, Tira knew that her mother would seek to save her child and eventually met with Sophitia to reveal a shocking truth. Tira informed that her beloved daughter could not live without the evil influence of Soul Edge, and thus used her love for Pyrrha to pit Sophitia against any warrior who dared to confront the evil sword. Tira also manipulated Astaroth and Maxi, convincing the latter to pursue the cursed blade in order to avenge his slain comrades, and the other to serve Nightmare. Along with these tricked souls, Tira additionally used Voldo's devotion for his master and had earlier convinced Cervantes to pursue Soul Edge as well.

Her plan was coming together. Tira had no doubt that Soul Edge would easily overcome the justice that was Soul Calibur with such rich souls at its hilt. Her king would consume everything! And at that moment, Tira too would become part of Soul Edge. A feeling she had never felt before swelled in her. But she, both of her, did not quite understand it. A tiny glimmer of fear sparked in the chink between her two personalities, but it was forced down below the surface of her consciousness. It would not emerge again.

Soulcalibur V

Tira was devastated when the Evil Sword was defeated 17 years earlier.

The two personalities within her lamented as one, and howled together in a chorus of rage. But Tira found some solace in her plans for a certain young girl, and in the ever-growing strength of the shattered sword's fragments. Revitalized by her hopes to revive Soul Edge, Tira dedicated herself to a hunt for the sword's scattered pieces.

But after waiting so many years, the reborn Azure Knight was not at all what Tira had hoped for. He curried favor with human nations, scheming in secret and gathering souls from the shadows. Tira could barely stand to look upon this cowardly Nightmare.

"He's an imposter! I will never accept him!"

"In that case..." began the dark half of her personality, "...I shall prepare an appropriate vessel for Soul Edge myself!" finished her brighter half. Tira certainly had all the ingredients; she'd been carefully preparing them for 17 years. It was the perfect plan.

And so Tira disappeared into the night once more, on her way to visit that "certain young girl", Pyrrha...

Tira found Pyrrha, who had just been engaged to a man named Jurgis. That night, Tira murdered Jurgis, using her old taught 'Sky Burial' assassination methods. Pyrrha was arrested for the crime and placed in a cell. Tira appeared before the distraught girl, and managed to seduce her way into her fragile heart and gain her trust.

She gave Pyrrha the sword and shield which had once belonged to Pyrrha's mother, Sophitia. She also produced a shard of Soul Edge which resonated with the shard that rested inside Pyrrha's body, setting the stage for the next step of her plan.

As Tira and Pyrrha travelled, Pyrrha was often attacked by people claiming her to be a 'Bringer of Woe'. With Tira's urging, she began to kill those who threatened her. As Tira's smooth words eased Pyrrha's guilt of murder, Pyrrha's malfested body began to absorb the souls of those she killed.

Pyrrha began to grow defiant and refused to kill anymore. Deciding to move forward with her plan, Tira reveals to Pyrrha that she has a brother who has been looking for her, Patroklos, whom Tira had been tracking with her Watchers. Given a new hope to hold onto, Pyrrha willingly slays some soldiers who attempted to kill her. After absorbing their souls Pyrrha passes out in the middle of an abandoned battlefield. Tira reacted with glee at how close Pyrrha was to becoming the perfect host for Soul Edge. 

Tira then sought out Patroklos, who at the time was travelling with Z.W.E.I. and Viola. Patroklos, the new wielder of Soul Calibur, fought Tira seeking vengeance against his sister's abductor. After letting herself be defeated by Patroklos, she goaded him into chasing after her, separating him from his companions and leading him to the abandoned battlefield where Pyrrha still lied unconscious. After being called a pawn of Soul Edge, Tira's Gloomy side takes over and she viciously kicks Pyrrha further angering Patroklos, causing them to fight a second time. She once again loses on purpose and flees the battle scene, allowing Patroklos to take Pyrrha back.

She then watches from the shadows as Pyrrha fends off Nightmare and is rejected by the brother she had saved for being a malfested. This appeared to be according to her plan, as Tira then approached Pyrrha, who once again placed her trust solely on Tira and left with her,

A battle broke out between the forces of Nightmare and Schwarzwind on the plains of Hungary. Z.W.E.I. had directly confronted Nightmare at Denevér Castle and emerged victorious. Without a host, Pyrrha was now free to take Soul Edge for herself. After Pyrrha disposed of Z.W.E.I., Tira approached Soul Edge.

"Welcome back. I missed you,"

Tira encouraged Pyrrha to grab the sword. As she did, a torrent of evil energy exploded from Soul Edge as it's form changed. Tira reacted with glee as Pyrrha, the Crimson Despair, became the new wielder of Soul Edge. With her plan years in the making seemingly fulfilled, Tira left satisfied as Pyrrha, as though recreating the events of 17 years ago, split the skies with the cursed sword opening the gate to Astral Chaos.


Soulcalibur III

Tira begins to walk through Sophitia, Cassandra, and Rothion's home, seeking a new body for Soul Edge. She is seen holding the demonic sword, which has adapted to the shape of a Ring Blade.

Soul Calibur 3 - Tira - Ending A

Soul Calibur 3 - Tira - Ending A

Tira's ending A

Tira enters the bedroom of Patroklos and Pyrrha, presumably thinking of making them the next hosts. Pyrrha asks what she is holding in which the screen fades to black and Tira is heard saying "Do you like it? Awww, I'm glad."


Soul Calibur 3 - Tira - Ending B

Soul Calibur 3 - Tira - Ending B

Tira's ending B

Tira is ambushed by Sophitia and Cassandra and chased out the window. There, Soul Edge decides to possess Tira. Her body and clothes turn purple as Soul Edge speaks through her, saying that Tira's body will have to suffice until it finds a more suitable host.

Soulcalibur IV

Soul Calibur IV 4 Tira's Ending

Soul Calibur IV 4 Tira's Ending

Tira's ending Soulcalibur IV

Tira bows down to Nightmare, who is holding Soul Edge and sitting on a throne in Ostrheinsburg. As Nightmare stands to confront Tira, he stumbles and grasps onto the evil sword. Tira gasps, realizing his body can no longer withstand Soul Edge's power, and runs in an attempt to save her master. But Tira's Gloomy persona intervenes and convinces her to let him pass away. Later on, Tira is seen kneeling near the glowing soul of Soul Edge, smiling.

The text-only epilogue states: The cursed sword lay dormant now that the spirit sword is destroyed. When it awakens, its fires will consume the world.


Tira is nearly as ruthless and sadistic as her master, having no qualms with claiming the lives of her victims. She derives a demented form of amusement from others' suffering, apparently due to her upbringing as an assassin, and is lethally addicted to murdering others. When Soulcalibur III was released, many fans speculated that Tira suffered from some form of bipolarity due to her interchangeable and unstable emotions. In Soulcalibur IV, Tira develops two disparate personalities due to being exposed to Soul Calibur and Soul Edge's conflict, both representing the opposite spectrums of her erratic emotions. These alternate personalities manifest themselves in her battle style, as two stances: Jolly Side and Gloomy Side. Similar to how being damaged would affect Tira's moods in Soulcalibur III, Tira's two "sides" can be changed either manually, or randomly, also altering her moveset.

It seems that both of these personalities co-exist in a friendship-like manner — this can be seen in Tira's inner dialogue in her Soulcalibur IV ending. Additionally, they will engage in occasional banter or praise each other's moves during battle. Gloomy is much more avarice and egotistical than Jolly, but shows signs of protectiveness toward the Jolly side and Tira as a whole while being rather sour and aggressive toward other people. Jolly, on the other hand, is much more childish but has the possibility to form bonds with other entities, which shows best in her concern about Nightmare as a person and not as a host for Soul Edge.

In contrast, Tira is shown to be affectionate toward animals, especially birds, easily valuing their freedom over people's lives.

Fighting Style

Along with the obvious use of her Ring Blade, Tira's fighting style revolves around acrobatic movements, unpredictable attacks, and impeccable timing. She is notable for having two mood types, Jolly and Gloomy, which are represented in her battle stances and affect the way she fights. For the most part, Tira's Jolly side moveset was recycled from Soulcalibur III, and wasn't given many new attacks. However, her new Gloomy side stance opened a whole new door for Tira, for it was a fresh and new moveset; increasing her strength, speed, and added a unique element to the character. The Gloomy side persona is far more destructive in comparison to the Jolly side, but deals more damage. In addition, Tira's Gloomy stance is often used more profusely by those who are familiar with her fighting style, making the Jolly side a bit more unpredictable. Her mood can be altered in numerous ways: if she falls off the ring blade, endures a serious amount of damage, or when the player taunts or headbutts the enemy. However, though it is likely that her personality will shift if she taunts or performs the move "Gestopft Madness", it is never guaranteed. One of Tira's weaknesses are her low-damaging Jolly side attacks — the stronger attacks in that stance are rather predictable and can be easily evaded with the 8-way run tactic. Another weakness she has, and perhaps the most noticeable, is her ability to inflict damage onto herself while in Gloomy side, leaving the player almost helpless if in a state of low health. Though in her defense, Tira can put up plenty of combos to maximize damage and put pressure on the opponent and has many turtling opportunities. She also has various counterattacks such as the "Uplift Neb", "Snare Robin", "Einsatz Calcatrix", and the "Grim Reaper". The "Grim Reaper" is notably one of her biggest assets, as not only does it deal serious amounts of damage to the enemy, but also restores a portion of Tira's health. However, it is very risky, since it requires the same precision as when performing a Guard Impact and can be only done at throw range, otherwise leaving Tira open to attacks for quite a long period. As far as learning her, Tira is rather difficult for beginners to handle due the altering of her moveset and the surprising element that she is able to hurt herself. But like all characters, with practice and devotion, she is possible to be mastered.

Tira is generally perceived as a low tier character by the tournament community due to the random factor — the unpredictable stance changes, and also the inevitable loss of health and possibility to kill herself while performing more powerful attacks in the Gloomy stance.

In Soulcalibur V, due to the fact that she only hurts herself in few moves and her damage output has been increased significantly along with some additions to her combo possibilities and guaranteed stance changes, she was considered a mid-tier character. Gloomy stance was often considered top-tier and was dragged down by Jolly stance's weaknesses. However, she can still kill herself while using certain moves. Also, her input is often criticized as being counter intuitive.

In the rebalancing patch, Tira was the most nerfed character. Both her stances were weakened significantly.

Critical Finish

Judecca Requiem: Tira vertically slashes her opponent, leaps on top of them, and kisses them passionately while they squirm. As she drains their soul, the screen will fade to a dark gray and a foggy, skull shaped cloud will appear — presumably representing the victim's death.

Depending on her mood, this is what she'll say afterwards:

Jolly: How was that?!

Gloomy: don't interest me.

Critical Edge

Discord Parade

Jolly: Tira will say "It's time to party!" and will proceed in dancing around with her Ring Blade — violently hitting the opponent while doing so. Each strike will make her weapon glow a golden orange and will produce small sparkles as the enemy endures more damage. When the maneuver is finished, Tira will likely become Gloomy.

Gloomy: Tira will glide her thumb across her throat — symbolizing death upon her foe. She then rapidly swings her Ring Blade onto the enemy and shares with them the means of a painful death. Her weapon will glow with a dark purple as the attack moves forward and a dark aura will surround her and her victim throughout the entire maneuver.

Depending on the state the enemy is in, this Critical Edge has two variations. One of them is very similar to Tira's signature attack "Hiisi Baroque". This is the shorter version of the attack that deals less damage and she will perform it if the enemy is laying on the ground. However, if she is interrupting an enemy's attack or is about to release the Critical Edge on an enemy that isn't guarding or is mid-air, she will perform the full version of the Discord Parade.

Overall, this Critical Edge is easy to whiff and should be used only for punishment or when guaranteed. It can be also used for Ring Outs. The damage dealt by it is outdone by the benefits of Tira's Brave Edge attacks and the usage of meter should be deployed with care, especially since the Critical Edge can deal much less damage if used at the wrong time.

Critical Reception

Tira's behavior in Soulcalibur III led to the suspicion of her having multiple personalities, as her mood and voice would shift suddenly and dramatically.[17] IGN editor, Jeremy Dunham, described her gameplay as having "plenty of bizarre and powerful moves mixed with a smattering of chained "perma-moves"[11] GameSpot's staff described her as different than the female character stereotype of fast but weak, a more deliberate fighting style, and a "change of pace."[18] At the 2005 Tokyo Game Show presentation of Soulcalibur III, Tira was not well received by players, cited as difficult to control and light on damage.[19] GameSpy added that "the jury is out" regarding her attack style, describing her as difficult to control.[20] Impress Watch on the other hand, praised her gameplay, stating her movements and fighting style made her a quite unique character.[21] Tira's English voice acting however, has been a great source of criticism, cited in Soulcalibur IV as "grating" and "annoying".[22] Criticism has also been made towards her mood-driven gameplay in Soulcalibur IV, due to the random and sometimes inconvenient nature of her mood swings.[17]

Tira was featured as one of the girls in GameDaily's "Babes of the Week: Soul Calibur Hotties" article, describing her as "One of the more dangerous-looking women introduced in the Soul Calibur series"[23] and "(a)n essential new addition to the franchise";[24] Tira was also included in their "Top 50 Hottest Game Babes" article at number nineteen, praised for her "part goth and part carnival performer" design as well as her revealing appearance,[25] later drawing mention in their "Babe of the Week: Chicks with Baggage" article due to her mental instability.[26] ranked Tira number six in their "Top 11 Soulcalibur Fighters" article, noting a liking of her weapon of choice and describing her as "a force to be reckoned with...also quite the hottie in a dangerous, "forbidden fruit" sort of way."[27] named Tira one of the "Top 10 Hot But Mostly Bothered Video Game Females", placing fifth on the list and described as "unquestionably hot", though noted as frightening due to the character's fascination with death.[28] Magazine publications have also featured her in a context revolving around her attractiveness, such as Play's "Girls of Gaming 5" annual publication.[29] The Globe and Mail describes Tira as a character "who looks like a refugee from the Cirque du Soleil",[30] while Game Revolution describes her as "a lithe little wench who apparently idolizes Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy", noting she "adds a needed gust of fresh air" to the series.[31] IGN included her in their "Babes of Soulcalibur" article stating "She immediately stands out...Whereas most of the SC women fight on the side of good, Tira is totally, deliciously evil." They also praised her outfits, calling them some of the best in the Soul series.[32] The Escapist online magazine stated "Tira's bi-polar hysterics match her ever-shifting stances and frenetic attacks," and added the aspect of her fighting style into sharp focus.[33]



PVC Gashapon figurine of Tira

Tira, alongside Mitsurugi, was a playable character in Namco's E3 2005 public demonstration of Soulcalibur III.[11] At the event, life-size promotional models of Tira, Zasalamel, and Setsuka were on display as well.[12] Through the English website for the game, a promotional electronic "trading card" was available, showing in-fight gameplay and background information for Tira.[13] In 2006, Namco released a Tira figurine as part of a Soulcalibur III set based upon her promotional artwork for the game. While not posable, the PVC figure came with three interchangeable Ring Blades for it to hold;[14] an alternate color version was later released in a secondary set.[15] Yujin released a four inch tall immobile figurine of Tira after the release of Soulcalibur III, based upon her artwork for the title as part of their "Namco Girls Series #6" line of gashapon figurines.[16]


Soulcalibur III

  • I'm gonna kill you now, you ready?
  • I can't wait to see you in pieces.
  • I'll make sure to grant you your death!
  • Ha ha ha ha! Wanna die now?
  • Let's get started, okay? No point in dragging it out, right?
  • He he he he...Hurray! I found a new one!
  • Don't worry, I won't take anything but your life!
  • Ohhh! I want that body! Give it to me!
  • You've come all this way just to die.
  • A nuisance...such a nuisance.
  • Let's find out...just how dark your blood is.
  • Stay irritate me.
  • You'll be dead before you know it.
  • I'll keep you company...until you're destroyed.
  • Your heart beats...the noise is grating!
  • Don't worry...I'm not expecting much from you.
  • Okay, let's move on to the next one!
  • More, I want more! You're still alive!
  • People are most beautiful...right before they die!
  • Hmm...Very mediocre...This won't do, nope nope. - after winning a battle with low damage
  • That's it? That's all? How lame!
  • What a big disappointment!
  • Aww...I wanted to have more fun! - after winning a battle with low HP
  • Over already? Come on, I want more!
  • You're so got to die so peacefully! - after winning a battle with a perfect
  •'re so pretty! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Hurt much? Oh, I guess you can't hear me anymore.
  • Is that it? There's no one else?
  • broke already...Oh well, I guess I'm done with you.
  • Either way, you would have died eventually.
  • You deserve the most painful death imaginable.
  • I just don't feel anything with you.
  • You're no good either...Damn, what a waste of my time.
  • You cannot even cease to exist on your own. Such a pathetic creature.
  • This is absolutely pointless.
  • Is that the best you can do?...What a killjoy.
  • I couldn't care less...about your life.
  • Way too boring.
  • Can't you all...just shut up?!
  • Just as I thought...completely useless.
  • What was that? Are you kidding me?
  • Humph...I don't even feel like killing you.
  • You're the stupid one for going against the sword. Bleeh!
  • I think all stupid people deserve to die.
  • You're absolutely irritating...Hurry up and disappear!
  • I get irritated just thinking about him. — Spoken after defeating Yoshimitsu.
  • It's over. Your luck just ran out.
  • Such a fool.
  • I wonder if that body will make a suitable host?
  • Let's see...he sure looks strong!
  • You have a nice body...can I see it for a second? I wonder if Soul Edge would like it?
  • What are you? You look kind of funny.
  • You don't belong in this place.
  • Oh perfect, I'll just tear limb from limb.
  • Oooh!
  • He looks really strong! Very strong!
  • I can't wait to see you die! It's going to look incredible!
  • Aha ha ha ha! Here she comes!
  • To abandon your children and travel all this way!
  • You're such a horrible mother. Sheesh.
  • You're not bad, but I don't like the look in your eyes.
  • There's no need for a conscience.
  • I want to see...if you're worthy of that sword...Let's find out!
  • This is completely absurd.
  • How do you manage to even exist?
  • I'm annoyed...I'm going to make you disappear forever!
  • To cling on to the visage, of that man for so long... — Spoken while playing as Nightmare.
  • No... No... I just don't understand this at all. — Spoken while playing as Nightmare.
  • Tell me why! Answer me! — Spoken while playing as Nightmare.
  • I'm ordering you to answer me...why won't you respond? — Spoken after losing as Nightmare.
  • With a mother like her. I feel terrible for her children. — Spoken after losing as Sophitia.
  • That was ridiculous...what are you doing?
  • I'm displeased...I'm very displeased.
  • Ooh, I'm really excited. Wow, wooow!
  • Owww...So what are you gonna show me next?
  • I want to see you destroyed...he he he.
  • Wow! This is so much fun!
  • I really hope more fun things happen soon!
  • Awww...This is no fun!
  • Stop wasting the power of the sword.
  • That is a sin...that I could never forgive.
  • You insolent will pay for this.
  • I'm just giddy with the prospects of killing you.
  • How amazing...he he, I'm getting even more excited.
  • Puhah!
  • I have to hurry up...and find a new body!
  • But, I wonder how I can...
  • Who? Who is worthy of the sword?
  • Who?...No, right now, time is of the utmost importance.
  • Yes, I know a suitable host.
  • Humph, I guess I'll take care of them before she returns.
  • Do you like it? Oh, I'm glad.
  • On a moonlit night, the young siblings went into a deep, dark forest. The poor siblings got lost in the mist and were never heard from again.
  • Please, receive my body as your own...
  • Uh...
  • Humph, so this is the new host.
  • Well, I guess I'll have to settle with this one for now.
  • Humph.
  • Don't run away!
  • Here we...go!
  • How's that?
  • Here here!
  • Here I go!
  • Bye Bye!
  • Let's play!
  • Outta the way!
  • Die.
  • Break apart!
  • I'll cut your heart out!
  • Want to die?
  • Shut up!
  • Hurry up...and die!
  • Hey, does it hurt? Really?
  • Does it hurt? Tell me it hurts.

Soulcalibur IV

Jolly Side

  • Let's dance!
  • That's it! Show me you mean business!
  • I want to see you destroyed!
  • I can't wait to see you in pieces.
  • Hurray! I found a new one!
  • Can I kill you? Please.
  • Oh Perfect! I'll just tear you limb from limb!
  • I don't need you. You're no fun!
  • Toys are most beautiful right before they break!
  • You wanted to play a little longer, didn't you?
  • No good, this won't do. Nope, nope. — Spoken after releasing a "Perfect!"
  • I want to play more! Oh goodie, you're still breathing! — Spoken after victory with low HP.
  • What'sa matter?! — Spoken after releasing a "Critical Finish"
  • Why are you being such a goody-goody?
  • Can I use him? Nah, he's useless. — Spoken after defeating Yoshimitsu and his clan, in Story Mode.
  • There's nothing you can do now loser. — Spoken to Cervantes, in Story Mode.
  • Is that it? There's no one else? — Spoken after completing Stage II of Story Mode.
  • Come on! This is our final job! — Spoken to Astaroth, in Story Mode.
  • All done! Such rich souls. Just yummy! — Spoken after completing Stage IV of Story Mode.
  • Soul Edge is eating right now! It doesn't want to be disturbed. — Spoken to Siegfried, in Story Mode.
  • So what's up with that pathetic sword? — Spoken after defeating Siegfried, in Story Mode.
  • Naughty children must be punished. — Spoken to Astaroth, in his Story Mode.
  • Don't you get it? You're the main course! — Spoken to Sophitia, in her Story Mode.
  • Oh goody! I've found a new toy to play with!
  • Oh no. His body can't withstand the power any more! — Spoken in her ending.
  • No, don't go! — Spoken to Nightmare, in her ending.
  • Don't abandon me! Don't leave me all alone! — Spoken to Nightmare, in her ending.
  • I feel it. It's here. It's right here.— Spoken in her ending.
  • Hahahahahaha!
  • How was that?!
  • La-di-da-di-dum!
  • More!
  • Break!
  • Owww...
  • Round and Round!
  • Bye-bye!
  • You...dummy...
  • Fwitt-few!
  • Break apart!
  • Tricked ya!
  • Let's play!
  • Here we...go!
  • I'll break you to pieces!
  • Now...spin!
  • I'm not ready to play yet!
  • Nice!
  • Alright...
  • ...this is fun!
  • Oh, I feel much better!
  • I'm not finished!
  • Here, kitty, kitty!
  • We can still play, can't we?!
  • This is fun!
  • Here I am!
  • Swoosh!
  • Too bad.
  • Come on, come on!
  • Fall to parts!
  • Hope you fall!
  • Let's see!
  • Alright...Fall to parts!
  • I'm so bored.
  • Break already!
  • Here I go!
  • Sorry, that hurt?
  • How's that?!
  • What?!...No Way!

Gloomy Side

  • I'll cut your heart out!
  • I'll keep you company, until you're destroyed.
  • You've come all this way just to die.
  • I couldn't care less about you.
  • You deserve the most painful death imaginable.
  • Don't worry, I'm not expecting much from you...
  • You're all just in my way.
  • Stay away. You irritate me.
  • Is that the best you can do? What a killjoy.
  • You're still alive? Don't be such a pain!
  • Let's find out just how dark your blood is. — Spoken after you release a "Perfect!"
  • You just don't know when to give up. — Spoken after victory with low HP.
  • Oh, are you dead? — Spoken after you release a "Critical Finish."
  • You annoy me. I'll make you disappear forever! — Spoken after defeating Yoshimitsu and his clan, in Story Mode.
  • Can't you all just shut up?! — Spoken after completing Stage II of Story Mode.
  • Finished with the preparations for the sacrifice. — Spoken after defeating Astaroth, Sophitia, and Voldo, in Story Mode.
  • Your heart beats. The noise is grating! — Spoken after defeating Siegfried, in Story Mode.
  • Do you see the new body for the evil sword? — Spoken to Kilik, in his Story Mode.
  • You're staying here until the darkness consumes him! — Spoken to Seong Mi-na, in her Story Mode.
  • Our justice is just too fragile. — Spoken in her ending.
  • Our happiness is ours alone, but the morals and laws created by others, deny us that happiness. — Spoken in her ending.
  • Everything we've worked so hard to achieve is falling apart and we're just suppose to stand by quietly and accept it?! — Spoken in her ending.
  • No! Anyone who get's in our way is our enemy! All we need is each other, right?! — Spoken in her ending.
  • That's it!
  • Hmph...You don't interest me.
  • Dammit!
  • It's too late!
  • I'll kill you!
  • (Sigh)
  • Fall apart!
  • Don't bother me!
  • Don't move.
  • Shatter!
  • Wanna die?!
  • Now, break apart!
  • What a pain!
  • You're so...annoying!
  • Just die!
  • Now break...apart!
  • My turn! Step aside!
  • Are you afraid?!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • Is that it?
  • I'm starting to like you.
  • You really are pitiful.
  • Hurry up...and die!
  • Does it hurt?
  • Disappear...Now!
  • Stop screaming!
  • Get lost!
  • That's enough!
  • No!
  • I don't like this.

Soulcalibur V

Jolly Side

  • It's gonna be fun to watch you grovel!
  • I found a new one! Lucky me!
  • Show me what you got! — Spoken when engaging in battle against Nightmare.
  • Uh! You just don't look right — Spoken when timed out by Nightmare.
  • No way... Oh, listen to me! — Spoken when timed out by Pyrrha.
  • No! Not fair! — Spoken when timed out.
  • It's time to party! I'll dance on your corpse! — Spoken during her "Critical Edge".
  • So... pretty! — Spoken when taunting a knocked out enemy.
  • Here, kitty, kitty! — Taunt.
  • I ca-an't... stand this! — Spoken when taunting on low health.
  • Coming?
  • Nope!
  • Nope... nope!
  • Here we... Go!
  • You're getting... boring!
  • This is fun!
  • So much fun!
  • Swoosh!
  • You dummy!
  • La-di-da-dum!
  • Bye-bye!
  • More!
  • Let's dance!
  • Ready?
  • Broke!
  • Go away!
  • Break apart!
  • I'll cut you!
  • Woohoo!
  • Let's go!
  • Too bad!
  • Hey now! — Spoken when getting up on low health.
  • I'm gonna break! — Spoken after being hit by Yoshimitsu's "Critical Edge" or Ivy's Sweet Dominance.
  • Not bad! — Spoken during a "Guard Burst".
  • What?!
  • Oh no!! — Spoken when knocked out by Nightmare.
  • Feels good! — Spoken when knocked out by Pyrrha.
  • I'm here!
  • Over here!
  • Owie!
  • Alright!
  • It's shaking! — Spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Oh please!! — Spoken when one round away from losing.
  • Show me... blood! — Spoken while fighting Pyrrha.
  • Naughty... naughty! — Spoken while fighting Pyrrha.
  • Bad girl! — Spoken while fighting Pyrrha.
  • No!! Not fair! — Spoken when losing a Time Out.
  • Hahah... Fake! — Spoken when taunting Nightmare.
  • Hahah... pretty Pyrrha. — Spoken when taunting Pyrrha.
  • Pyrrha... pretty! — Spoken when taunting Pyrrha Ω.
  • Patroklos... Let's play! — Spoken when taunting Patroklos.
  • Hah... Patroklos. — Spoken when taunting α Patroklos.
  • Boring! — Spoken during Ring Out.
  • Let's play more! — Spoken during Ring Out.
  • Hmm...Pretty lame. You didn't even try!
  • I'm gonna sit right here and watch you bleed out.
  • You're so adorable, all bloody and broken.
  • Broken already? Well aren't you delicate.
  • You think your weak moves can really take me out?
  • All... broken... — Spoken when KO'd by movements that leave her in a standing state, like Ivy's Embrace of Guilt.
  • You're in for a spanking if you don't obey! — Spoken when engaging in battle with Pyrrha.
  • Next time you disobey, it's going to hurt much more! — Spoken after defeating Pyrrha.
  • Oh well. Another faker bleeding all over himself. — Spoken after defeating Nightmare.
  • Well, well, Pyrrha. Not bad! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Of course I forgive you! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • You were just protecting yourself from the nasty people who were trying to kill you. They were the bad guys. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Oh look. More humans that misunderstand you. - Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Better kill them first before they kill you. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Hey, you're a malfested, that's what you're supposed to do. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • *laughs* You thought you were human? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Normal humans don't go around killing people and burning towns! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Oh, you don't want to be a malfested? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Have you forgotten about all those who called you a Bringer of Woe and hunted you like an animal? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • I guess she's reached her limit. Time to move on to the next bait. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Oh, by the way, you said you were all alone, but you were wrong! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • You have a family. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Yes, a brother! I saw him at the market just the other day. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • A boy named Patroklos was looking for his long lost sister. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • He even had a shield just like yours. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Don't you want to meet your brother? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Don't worry. I'll go with you! So you just follow me and no arguing, okay? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Just do what I tell you to do! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Humans must be killed. Right, Pyrrha? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • You're looking good. Your soul is plumping up quite nicely. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Kill them, butcher them, and soon you'll be irresistible! Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • Writhe in the depths of despair and become the perfect vessel. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha.
  • I finally found you. — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • It's been a while, Patroklos, How's your search for your sister going? — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • Yes! It's my favorite! So I guess Soul Calibur is your favorite right now. — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • I'm not going to tell a wimpy little boy who's a pale imitation of his mother! — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • Stop right there or I'm going to have to hurt this poor little girl! *giggle* — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • Poor little Pyrrha. — Spoken to Pyrrha in Story Mode.
  • Ooh, well look who's changed his tune. — Spoken to Patroklos in Story Mode.
  • Now that he knows you're his sister, he suddenly gives a hoot! — Spoken to Pyrrha in Story Mode.
  • Now you're making me blush! — Spoken in Story Mode to Patroklos.
  • Poor Pyrrha. See? Didn't I warn you what would happen? Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • Blood means nothing to these humans. They won't even try to understand the real you. Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • Welcome back. I missed you. — Spoken in Story Mode to Soul Edge.
  • It's your sword. Take it. — Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • It's reaching out to you. I knew it, I was right. — Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • You are the only worthy heir of Soul Edge! — Spoken in Story Mode to Pyrrha Ω.

Gloomy Side

  • What's that? Me? The only pawn on this board is this stupid little girl! Spoken to Patroklos, in Story Mode.
  • You're no match for me, let's make this quick.
  • Shut up and die!
  • Just do as I tell you, dammit! — Spoken when engaging in battle against Pyrrha.
  • I've lost to this wench!? — Spoken when timed out by Pyrrha.
  • I'll be the end of you! Mark my words! Spoken when engaging in battle against Nightmare.
  • Damn fake! — Spoken when timed out by Nightmare.
  • How annoying! — Spoken when timed out.
  • Don't bother me!
  • Just do what I tell you!
  • Dammit!
  • What?! You wanna fight?!
  • Sorry, time's up... Lie down and die already!! — Spoken during her "Critical Edge".
  • What the? — Spoken when knocked out by Pyrrha.
  • Nuisance! — Spoken while fighting Pyrrha.
  • ...Make me sick! - Spoken while fighting Nightmare.
  • Shameless! — Spoken during a "Guard Burst".
  • There's nobody!
  • I'll kill you!
  • Blood bath!
  • Wanna die?!
  • Get aside!
  • Silence!
  • Hmpf... is that it?!
  • What's going on?! — Spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Know... your place!
  • I'll... shred you! — Spoken during grapple or taunting while crouching on low health.
  • Time to die!
  • Die!
  • Are you afraid?
  • That's it! Hahahahaha!
  • What a pain...
  • Fall apart!
  • Little pest!
  • It's too late!
  • Dance!
  • Idiot!
  • Yeah right! — Spoken after losing two rounds.
  • Seriously?! — Spoken after losing two rounds.
  • Irritating! — Spoken after being hit by Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge or Ivy's Sweet Dominance.
  • ...Tear you to pieces!! — Spoken when taunting an enemy.
  • Yes! Scream for me! — Spoken when taunting a knocked out enemy.
  • Fool! So red... — Spoken when taunting Patroklos while crouching.
  • Hahah... toy. — Spoken when taunting Pyrrha while crouching.
  • Hahah... fake. — Spoken when taunting Nightmare while crouching.
  • Hah... fool. — Spoken when taunting α Patroklos while crouching.
  • Stupid wen- playing dirty. — Spoken when taunting Pyrrha Ω while crouching.
  • You coward! — Spoken while fighting Nightmare.
  • Little coward! — Spoken while fighting Nightmare.
  • I'll... paint you red!! — Spoken while fighting Nightmare.
  • Damn you!! — Spoken when knocked out by Nightmare.
  • You're worthless! — Spoken when fighting Pyrrha.
  • Hmpf!
  • How annoying! — Spoken when losing a Time Out.
  • You'll pay for this!! — Spoken during Ring Out.
  • Never again!! — Spoken during Ring Out.
  • How many more should I send to the grave today?
  • Do me a favor. Scream for me a little more!
  • You still alive? I must be losing my touch.
  • That was your best?! What a waste...
  • Saying sorry won't change anything, save your breath, wench! — Spoken after defeating Pyrrha.
  • I only wish I'd thought to do this sooner! — Spoken after defeating Nightmare.
  • Impossible... — Spoken on standing state KO.


Eiserne Drosself

Eiserne Drossel, Tira's preferred weapon throughout the Soul Series.


Ostrheinsburg Castle - Battlement (SCIII)

This stage takes place outside of the famed castle of Ostrheinsburg, on a perpetually-moving, sizable raft drifting down a labyrinthine series of currents. These currents sweep the raft in consistent rotation around the perimeter of the castle's bank, underneath bridges. All characters in Soulcalibur III can encounter Tira if they choose the appropriate direction during their Tales of Souls stories, with the exception of Tira herself, who battles Sophitia on this stage. Tira uses the bridge as an outpost, which provides her with an effective perch to watch rafts toting of unaware visitors.

Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room (SCIV/SC:BD)

An enormous, elegant chamber set in the throne room of Ostrheinsburg Castle. This stage is the place where Tira reports to Nightmare, as seen in her ending, and most likely where she receives her orders from The Azure Knight. Nightmare's throne is located at the far end of the stage, accessed by a set of red-carpeted stairs and framed by columns. Two statues of golden lions stand on either side of the steps, most likely symbolizing the dominance and leadership that Tira's master possesses. The red carpet placed on the stairway continues down the remainder of the chamber and eventually leads into a pit of unfathomable darkness. On the back wall is an large, ornate window, through which a fierce thunderstorm can be seen raging. Also, near the throne, is a line of armed knights that advance ever so often during battle, lessening the fighting ground with each movement.

Tranquil Wasteland (SCV)

A large open wasteland set against moonlight. The remains of a large battle between armies can be seen littering the stage. The stage is infinite and flat, with no walls or potential ring outs. In Story Mode, Tira and Patroklos confront each other a second time on this field with the latter being reunited with his sister Pyrrha for the first time in 17 years. 

Theme Music

Soulcalibur III

  • "Wings of Despair"

Soulcalibur V

  • "Mischievous Whispers"
Wings of Despair

Wings of Despair

Tira's theme from
Soulcalibur III

Soul Calibur V - Mischievous Whispers (Tira's Theme)

Soul Calibur V - Mischievous Whispers (Tira's Theme)

Tira's theme from Soulcalibur V

Tower of Lost Souls Details & Skills

Tira appears in Tower of Lost Souls Ascend mode as a boss under the floor "Life On Sand." She also makes appearances under the floors "Unfailing Tower" & "Envoy Of Destruction"

TOLS Ascend Mode Boss: Life On Sand

Partners: Henrietta & Rusa (Life On Sand Floor 14)

Sophitia, Voldo & Zasalamel (Unfailing Tower Floor Floor 32)

Astaroth & Nightmare (Envoy Of Destruction Floor 59)

Ellie & Silvia (Descend Mode Floor 35)

Solnhofen (Story Mode Stages 1–3 Only)

Skills On "Life On Sand"

1.Soul Gauge Damage S

2.Soul Gauge Boost C

3.Soul Gauge Recovery A

4.Nullify Ringout S

Skills On "Unfailing Tower"

1.HP Recovery A

2.Auto Grapple Break S

Skills On "Envoy Of Destruction" & "Descend Mode Floor 35"

1.Soul Gauge Damage A

2.Shave Damage A

3.Soul Gauge Boost A

4.Nullify Ringout A

Default Skills

1.Soul Gauge Vamp

2.Soul Gauge Boost C

3.Shave Damage A


  • Accompanied by a flock of ravens called Watchers.
  • Loyal servant of Nightmare or rather Soul Edge/Inferno in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV. As of Soulcalibur V, she has grown negligent of the new Nightmare and has separated herself from him, taking matters into her own hands. She also considers the new Nightmare a coward and seeks a new host to replace him.
  • Tormented Sophitia by threatening her children and eventually kidnapping her daughter.
  • Murdered one of Yoshimitsu's clan members.
  • Motivated Cervantes to find Soul Edge before the events of Soulcalibur III.
  • It is implied several times during Soulcalibur III, that she does not like Siegfried, however it could be general dislike toward the current wielder of Soul Calibur and the spirit sword herself.
  • Motivated Maxi and Astaroth to achieve their goals using Soul Edge before the events of Soulcalibur IV.
  • Solnhofen was her former superior in the Bird of Passage. She sacrifices his soul to Soul Edge in her Soulcalibur IV story, saying that she doesn't need him, that he is no fun..
  • Azola, Dürer and Solnhofen are her subordinates.
  • Kidnapped Pyrrha prior to the events of Soulcalibur IV. Tries to set her up as a replacement host of Soul Edge, due to her dislike of the current Nightmare.
  • Killed Jurgis with the intent of isolating Pyrrha.
  • Patroklos believes that she had murdered Sophitia.


  • Interestingly, in Soul Calibur's IV's chain of souls, Tira is shown exploiting more characters than any other.
  • The very pale color of Tira's skin in Soulcalibur V and the fact that her age is officially stated as "Unknown", has caused many fans to speculate that she has met the same fate as Cervantes or has stopped aging like Ivy.
  • Tira's Soulcalibur V costume has various references to animals commonly associated with witchcraft (including a goat head similar to that which is often inserted into a reverse pentagram).
  • Soulcalibur V is the first game where Tira's costume incorporates high heels.
  • Similarly to Viola and Elysium, Tira's breasts are much bigger in her 2D artwork than in-game. This is caused by Takuji Kawano's style. This applies to all of the artworks, but is most visible in her Soulcalibur V artwork.
  • Tira's concept sketches from Soulcalibur V show her wearing a quite covering outfit with a jacket, shorts, tights and high heels. Interestingly, she also wore glasses in this outfit. One of her possible hairstyles looked like her hairstyle from Soulcalibur IV with one of the pigtails torn out.
  • Tira is the only character in the Soul series who has different voice acting in each game she has appeared in (excluding Broken Destiny), despite being voiced by the same actress in the English voice-over. This is probably due to her unstable nature or the fact that her voice acting in Soulcalibur IV was often criticized. Tira is also one of the few characters whose English voice-over is very different from the Japanese acting and is not trying to imitate the original, instead portraying the character in a more suitable way for the English language.
  • Tira's Jolly side voice in Soulcalibur V seems to be more mature compared to her teenage voice in Soulcalibur III and her extremely high-pitched voice in Soulcalibur IV.
  • In Soulcalibur V, Gloomy Tira has a set of hidden taunts against characters she is familiar with. To perform this, the taunt must be used when rising from a crouch.
  • Despite their rather close relationship and the fact that Tira created Pyrrha Ω, they don't have any exclusive dialogue during fights, except for Tira's taunts.
  • In the earlier stages of Tira's design, she was depicted as wearing thick mittens, apparently for the purpose of protecting her hands when she wields her Ring Blade. More concept art unlocked as bonuses in Soulcalibur III reveal that Tira was also initially designed as a catgirl. The artists probably didn't feature that as a costume because she was associated with birds, not cats.
  • Tira's 2P hairstyle from Soulcalibur III appears in Character Creation in Soulcalibur IV under the name "Separate Flower". This hairstyle returns in Soulcalibur V, along with Tira's 2P hairstyle from Soulcalibur IV.
  • Tira is the only human character in the Soul series that has an eye color that doesn't naturally occur in the real world.
  • Birds are a recurring theme throughout Tira's history, and are reflected even in her appearance (she wears feathers as decorative elements to her costume in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV). Freeing her adopted family's child's pet bird served as the catalyst to her murdering her family, and Tira is accompanied by her raven guardians in the storyline.
  • Most of Tira's attacks are named after birds or dance styles (such as "Canary Waltz", "Nightingale Jig", and "Ibis Minuet"), referencing both the avian theme surrounding her appearance and character, and her battle style, the Dance of Death. Tira's throws are named after elements from fairy tales (such as "Glass Slippers" from Cinderella, "Death Spindle" from Sleeping Beauty, and "Poison Apple" from Snow White). Some of Tira's attacks are also named after musical techniques. (Such as "Backstep Pizzicato", "Blazing Cadenza", and "Cross Wing Legato".)
  • In Soulcalibur IV, the player can perform a move where Tira will bash her head against the side of her ring in order to alter her mood, more importantly altering her moveset. If successful, Tira's personality will change; if not, Tira will groan and hold her head in pain, leaving herself open for attack.
  • Tira has two special rebound attacks, the "Einsatz Calcatrix" and the "Grim Reaper." The "Einsatz Calcatrix" can be performed by executing the appropriate taunt in Jolly Side as the enemy attacks you. If successful, Tira will become Gloomy and state "My turn!" and will be able to rebound the opponent's next attack for approximately three seconds. If this happens, she will carry out a guard impact and perform the move "Hiisi Baroque." She can also rebound the enemies' attack by performing the move "Gestopft Madness" while she is transitioning into Gloomy Side, however, this is harder to time. The "Grim Reaper" can be performed by executing the appropriate taunt in Gloomy Side as the enemy attacks you. If successful, Tira will perform a guard impact, grab her opponent, and rapidly swing her Ring Blade upon the enemy's throat. While doing this, Tira's Jolly side will interfere and state that she "wants to finish." On occasion, when Tira completes the maneuver, she will once again become Gloomy and tell Jolly "not to bother her." At the end of a successful "Grim Reaper" grab, Tira will restore a small amount of health. Overall, both of these moves are considered hard to perform, seeing as it leaves Tira open for attack.
  • According to Tira's movelist, the attack "Deadly Arietta" can only be executed in Gloomy side. However, Tira has a secret input that will allow her to perform this attack in Jolly side. This is one of the hardest attacks to carry out on Tira's movelist for it is a slide-input and must be the fastest input for it to work. Ironically, Tira will say "Oh, I feel much better!" after the attack is executed, which could be referring to the relief of pulling off a difficult and unknown maneuver.
  • Tira's Destined Battle in Soulcalibur III is Yoshimitsu. On the fourth stage in Soulcalibur IV's Arcade Mode, she will always fight Astaroth. Her Stage 5 opponent in Soulcalibur V's Arcade Mode is Pyrrha.
  • Although Tira's birthplace is never specified in the game, many fans have speculated she is from Scandinavia or Germany. This is also supported by the fact that her name seems to be Scandinavian with connection to the Norse god Tyr and she uses ravens as her Watchers, similarly to the Norse god Odin.
  • Tira is one of only few characters to wield Soul Edge in her Tales of Souls mode. The giant blade, when held in her hands, adapts its form to best suit her fighting style, becoming a giant, dried snake similar to the Ouroboros symbol.
  • In Soulcalibur III, Tira simply suffered from a Bipolar disorder, her mood rapidly changing from being joyous to gloomy, while in Soulcalibur IV, after being radiated by Soul Edge's power, her mind was depleted, and turned into two people. Instead of "simple" bipolarity, she now has split personalities, which is reflected in her modified fighting style. Soulcalibur V's supplement material, however, claims that her mind split in two even before the events of Soulcalibur III.
  • Tira's mental instability shows itself in her movesets. During battle, she will switch between her two sides either by taunting or sustaining enough damage, with special benefits, drawbacks, moves, and dialogue per each. Tira's Jolly side reflects her original fighting style and joyous moods with more graceful, flowing attacks while her Gloomy side reflects her more destructive tendencies; she viciously attacks with little regard for her own safety, injuring herself during battle.
  • For other characters in Soulcalibur IV who fight Nightmare as a final boss, Tira's is seen being thrown across the battleground, and then consumed by flames. The real reason for this is unknown. Some believe that it is because of her failure in a certain mission, but the truth is because supposedly, Nightmare would have devoured Tira's soul like he did in his Story Mode.
  • In Kilik's Story Mode in Soulcalibur IV, Tira makes Maxi the new host for Soul Edge. It's likely she had done the same thing to Sophitia in Cassandra's Story Mode, as she wields a form of Soul Edge but appears to act normally.
  • In Tira's Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny render, she is seen performing the move "Hell's Barkarole." Oddly enough, Tira can only do this attack in Gloomy side, but her face expression implies that she is Jolly.
  • In the Gauntlet Mode from Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, Tira will state that she is "in love" with Nightmare; however, it should be noted that the events from Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny are specified to be non-canon, so Tira may not really "love" Nightmare at all. Although in canon, she is in "love" with the Soul Edge itself as she is more affectionate towards it rather than its host or Nightmare.
  • Early Soulcalibur III footage showed Tira's current mood displayed next to her name during battle. It was probably going to have an affect on gameplay, but was removed. This was brought back for Soulcalibur IV, though her current mood is reflected in her stance rather than her displayed name.
  • Tira seems to resemble Harley Quinn from Batman to many players, either due to her personality and voice being so similar, or her second outfit in Soulcalibur IV where she dresses as a jester. Others have noticed that her Soulcalibur III outfit bears a resemblance to another Batman villain, Poison Ivy — additionally in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", Poison Ivy is voiced by Jennifer Hale — the same voice actress as Tira. However, this assertion may be submitted to debate because it was never officially confirmed that Jennifer Hale voices Tira in regards of the fact that her name never appears in the end credits along the English actors.
  • In Soulcalibur III, Tira's moveset is available to both the Thief and Assassin classes, making it the only main character moveset available to more than one class.
  • Tira is a sub-boss in Soulcalibur III's Tales of Souls Mode for a battle in Osthreinsburg Castle, where she will say the following:
    • "Oh, he/she looks really strong. Very strong! I can't wait to see you die; it's going to look incredible!"
    • "You're not bad, but I don't like the look in your eyes. There's no need for a conscience. I wanna see if you're worthy of that sword. Let's find out!"
    • "This is completely absurd! How do you manage to even exist? I'm annoyed. I'm going to make you disappear forever!"
    • "What are you? You look kind of funny, you don't belong in this place. Oh perfect. I'll just tear you limb from limb!"
    • "I wonder if that body would make a suitable host. Let's see, he/she sure looks strong. You have a nice body, can I see it for a second? I wonder if Soul Edge would like it."
    • For Sophitia, Tira will say "Aha ha ha ha! Here she comes! To abandon your children and travel all this way. You're such a horrible mother. Sheesh!"
    • For Nightmare, she will say "To cling on to the visage of that man for so long. No... I don't understand. Tell me why. Answer me!"
  • The only move in Soulcalibur III where Tira releases grip of the ring blade completely is the "Uprising Neb" Counter.
  • Although it's not an official NAMCO-produced Soulcalibur II appearance of Tira, she does make an appearance in 'Soul Calibur II: Reloaded' (a fanmade hacked version of the Xbox release) due to her popularity with the fans. In the 'Reloaded edition', Voldo was given a costume which looked like Tira (but in reality, it was a re-textured Xianghua model using her Full Moon weapons, since they were the only circular weapons in Soulcalibur II).
  • Tira's "Jolly Side" and "Gloomy Side" are present in Soulcalibur III (but are not named), and are apparent by the fact that Tira's lines change depending on her "mood" during battle. This is more obvious if the player uses the "taunt" feature — Tira has two taunts, one for each side. Furthermore, the button specific lines used in the VS screen also have four lines each.
  • Mori Motonari, a character from the Sengoku BASARA game series, also wields a Ring Blade. His war baton was switched to the Ring Blade in the second installment of the game which was released after Soulcalibur III, thus it is possible this change was inspired by Tira's weapon. The way he uses it is also very similar to Tira's style.
  • Roxanne from the manga Claymore seems to be modeled after Tira, not only resembling her personality and looks but she even has a beauty mark in the same spot as Tira.
  • In the Spanish version of Soulcalibur III, there's a mistake with her height; Tira's real height is 1,59 (5'3"). In the Spanish version, it is 1,60.
  • In Soulcalibur V, when Patroklos first battles with Tira, it introduces her as his "mother's killer", and "sister's abductor". This suggestion that Tira was the malfested that killed Sophitia is contradicted by the New Legends of Project Soul sourcebook, implying that it's merely something Patroklos believes.
  • According to Soul Calibur V artbook, the natural color of Tira's hair is brown.
  • Tira's 1P in Soulcalibur V was designed by Takuji Kawano, and her 2P was designed by Mari Shimazaki.
  • Tira (in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V) and Yoshimitsu are the only characters that can deal damage to themselves.
  • In the Soulcalibur V light novels, Tira is entrusted by Sophitia directly in her dying moments to make sure Pyrrha is taken to a safe location.
  • Among the characters introduced in Soulcalibur III, she has the most appearances, having appeared in every main game since then.
  • Although she seems to change hair color in every appearance in the game, it should be notified that Tira's natural hair color is brown. Despite that her brown hair was not made in her debut of Soulcalibur III, in her primary costume in Soulcalibur IV-Soulcalibur Broken Destiny and alternate costume in Soulcalibur V, it's quickly suggested her hair color is brown. However, the reason for the unnatural hair colors and how she got her hair in those colors are unknown, since hair dye did not exist back then.
  • Tira is the only Soulcalibur III newcomer to be fully playable in Soulcalibur V.
  • In early versions of Soulcalibur V, Tira would speak Japanese when she was gloomy in the English dub.[2]


The name Tira is most likely a variation or misspelling of the Scandinavian name "Tyra" or "Thyra". These names derive from the name of Norse God, Tyr, and also mean "Thor's warrior".

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Outcast Odyssey

Tira appears as a playable card in Outcast Odyssey. She is a part of the second wave of Soul series characters, available for a limited time. Her cards are based on her appearances from Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. The latter sporting both her 1P and 2P costumes.


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