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Time Bandit (soul calibur 3 to soul calibur 4)== "I am the second son of time, I am the Time Bandit!"

soul filled with Honor

Taught by Yosimitsu and Olcadan


Talim (best friend)

Ricky (brother)

Mitsorugi (rival)

Shade (mortal enemy)

Zasalemel (hated for reasons unknown)

Soul Calibur 3

Surprisingly, Talim didn't have many friends despite her grandma being head of the village. She one day on her journey encountered a vast city of polished metal, while walking through an alleyway at night she encountered a man who could summon shadow demons. The man had a black wind surrounding him and Talim was tired from her long trip. the man who had dark intentions was countered by a man who looked like him except with tanner skin, brown hair instead of black, and sea foam green eyes, Time Bandit shot down the shadow demons but the darker version of him threw him into a local music store, Time bandit put a chip into a lute and immediately pulled a string that send the man into a strange machine, Talim and Time Bandit became instant friends as he taught her a little more about compassion

Soul Calibur 4

Time Bandit had not seen Talim in awhile so it was surprising when he encountered her in the tower he was ascending, he was on a mission to stop soul edge AND soul calibur once and for all, Talim wouldn't let him go on and stopped him from going any further, when Talim tried to destroy soul edge with soul calibur, Time Bandit dragged himself up and warned Talim that the constant clash of the two swords had darkened soul calibur making it an eaqually evil sword, Talim hesitated but soul calibur launched an ice spike into Time Bandit's chest, knocking him uncoscious. Talim destroyed both swords and healed Time Bandit with tremendous difficulty, calling him by both "My love" and his real name "Dylan" they would go home and live many years in peace


"Even sparring is deadly" to Talim, Ricky, Olcadan or Yoshimistu

"I will not bow!" to Nightmare, Algol or Abyss

"This has to end here!" When fighting Abyss in tales of souls

"This ends now..." To Shade

"Go back to hell where you belong!" Defeating Shade

"My past ends here, my future starts today!" Defeating anyone

"Can't stop now, I have to focus..." When fighting anyone

"Your soul is growing weaker... let me help..." To Siegfried

"I do not wish to fight, but if there is no other way..." To Talim in arcade (SC4)

"Talim! Don't let it fool you!" Time Bandit ending/ to Talim

"Soul Calibur is corrupt! Destroy them both!" Time Bandit ending (SC4)

"You have to trust me, I... arrrggg!!!" Time Bandit ending (SC4)


Weapon master (randomize all arts custom or main)

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