• Hi everyone! So, after some discussion it has been decided to implement a new feature on how we handle Fanon on this Wiki. This feature is basically the same as what Admins must do before becoming an Admin, that is agreeing to the Policies. So, there is now a Signatures page where all Users must sign using their Wiki Signature in order to make or continue to make Fanon.

    Why did we do this?
    The whole reason we are doing this is because of two simple facts "Making Fanon is a privilege, not a right" and many, many new Users do not read the Rules of Fanon. Therefore, this Signature agreement is to say you have read and agree to the Rules of Fanon.

    So, why do I have to sign?
    For New Users, you have to sign in order to actually start making any type of Fanon. For current Fanon writers, you have to sign in order to continue making Fanon and continue editing old Fanon.

    What happens if I refuse to sign?
    If you refuse to Sign then you simply won't have the right to make, continue making or edit Fanon anymore.

    What are the consequences if I don't sign and make or continue to make Fanon?
    If you continue to make Fanon, or if you're new and are starting a Fanon without signing, then the Fanon article you make will be immediately deleted and you will receive a message on your Message Wall from an Admin explaining that you must sign. If you make Fanon once again without signing your account will be blocked.

    How will Users, new and current, know to sign?
    Well for current Users I have Highlighted this Discussion, which means every User gets a notification about this Thread. If you choose to ignore this Thread however, or if you're new then there will be a link to the Signatures page on the Navigation bar above, as well as a link in the Community Messages box on the Recent Wiki Activity page. There will also be links to this thread and the Signatures page in the News section on the Main Page. Finally, specifically for new Users, there will be a link in the automated Welcome Message when you first sign up to the Wiki. So there is no excuse that you did not know about it.

    Well, that's about it for the explanation. If you have any questions simply ask! We hope you find these terms acceptable. So, if you're a Fanon creator, or an aspiring Fanon creator, go to the Signatures page now and sign using your Wiki signature! Thank you.

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    • O... K...

      But still I do not understand, what's the point in all this bureaucracy? We already have a fixup "FanChar: User Name:Character Name" and template "FanCharOwnership" (maybe include this agreement to this template?).What will change for the better after this agreement? And what will happen with the pages of users who once worked to create pages for their characters, but for some reasons have not appeared on the site and have not seen this post of an agreement? You're just take and remove their works? Honestly... I don't think it's a good idea.

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    • Well Sanya... If you actually read the full article posted above those questions would already be answered for you, but let me reiterate for you.

      The point in the bureaucracy is that this is a CANON Wiki not a fully fledged fanon Wiki, and like it say's in the Rules of Fanon "making Fanon is a privilege, not a right" however that rule didn't really have much meaning to it until right now. Also, this Wiki has a lot of Fanon and a lot of Users who make the Fanon (mostly new Users) not bother to read the Rules of Fanon.

      The way Fan pages are named "FanChar:User Name: Character Name" (including FanVerse, FanGame etc) and the Fanon Templates are so other Users of the Wiki know that the article they are reading is Fanon and is not Canon at all. It does not mean that a User has read the Rules of Fanon however.

      Hopefully, the change we are looking for like I said in the article above is that new Users will actually read the Rules of Fanon, as every new User who joins tends to not read the Rules, make Fanon, and end up having their Fanon deleted because it is against Wiki Policy. With the agreement, it will show that (hopefully) Users have read the Rules of Fanon and they sign to show they have and that they agree. Thus, making Admin duties easier and us not having to go around deleting fanon, and warning Users all the time.

      As for old Fanon of inactive Users, no it will not be removed from the site. Any old Fanon will stay, the only time it will be threatened to be removed is if the Article Owner becomes active once again and decides to edit Fanon again. However if that does happen, then no their fanon won't be removed right away, an Admin will tell them they must sign first (and like stated in the Article the need to sign is stated in many places on the Wiki so they will end up seeing it somehow. Also, I have highlighted this Thread which means EVERY User on the Wiki will be notified of this Thread, so it's their choice to look at this thread or not) by posting on their Message Wall, if the User decides to not sign after seeing their post then their Fanon may be deleted. (That is if an Admin tells them to sign on their message wall, but the User carries on editing after this without signing).

      I hope that answers your questions.

      EDIT: Thank you for signing the Agreement. Oh, and I hope what I wrote doesn't come off as hostile!

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    • Alright i do not see the point of all this jase (the signing stuff) but i signed....

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    • All the answers to questions, to see the point, is stated in the Article above and my reply to Demon Sanya!

      And Thank you!

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    • Okay!!!!

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    • So wait the characters have to be from the soul series not our own custom's?

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    • Also i can't use that white font since i'm confused but is it still agreed??

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    • Read the Rules of Fanon. That will answer your questions :)

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    • JaseyJasee wrote: Read the Rules of Fanon. That will answer your questions :)

      Thanks i will edit my comment right away

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    • I didn't realise this was a thing until tonight, will I be able to keep what I already uploaded?

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    • MJNSEIFER wrote:
      I didn't realise this was a thing until tonight, will I be able to keep what I already uploaded?

      Yes, just read the rules, sign, and you can keep your stuff no problem as long as it doesn't contradict the rules!

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    • Thank you. Hopefully they are now within the rules, but if you notice anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell me, and I will hopefully fix it quicker this time.

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    • Very well. I agree to those terms.

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    • I'll agree the rules.

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    • A FANDOM user
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