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What lies in Thorogoros's Soul is Conquest. Thorogoros is the evil nemesis of Bepagost, and steals Soul Edge after he kills Nightmare and changes it back into Nauplius form like it was long ago. Thorogoros is an evil being like Nightmare, and even has red colored skin! His background was that he was Bepagost's friend at the village in Virginia but then they both escaped when it got attacked by Soul Edge, and Thorogoros thinking about the attack lured him to want Soul Edge. After he got Soul Edge, however, it devoured him. But he made a deal with Soul Edge, he keeps his consciousness and his freewill, but Soul Edge has complete authority over his spirit. He agrees. He has been an epitome of evil ever since that day, and has tried to take over the world but has been foiled by Bepagost every time but Thorogoros always escapes Bepagost.

Thorogoros character parts

Hairstyle Unkempt Black

Dark Red Viking Helmet

Masquerade(face mask thing)

Death's Cuirass Black

Nightmare Gauntlets Dark Red

Death's Spaulders White with red eyes and black paint

Nightmare Greaves dark red

Hero's Belt Dark Red white skull

Style: Nightmare

Weapon: Soul Edge(Nauplius)

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