The Ressentiment is comprised of men and women whom have cast aside their lives as human beings for the sole purpose of serving Strife Astlar. The Ressentiment are the personal knights which the player must defeat in order to reach Strife.

The Personal Knights


  • It should be noted that these specific characters are above the average means when it comes to character development. Acacia for instance has over 800 points in health. One of the highest on the entire CotS Mode with Strife the only one surpassing her. Another is the fact that Agave can deal lethal amounts of damage to any character and just about any level with only three to four hits.</li>
  • It should also be noted that most of the knights themselves bear names which are associated with Hell, being demons or other factions pertaining to the well known religious pit of damnation.</li>
  • Furthermore, none of these knights will move on their own accord. It is strictly up to the player who they choose to fight if the knight is not in their designated path. For instance, Agave or Acacia can be avoided by going left (Agave) or choosing to go right (Acacia) while other characters such as Mireille is a must to fight due to her positioning within the castle interior map itself.</li>
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