Terror Moon (SCIV)
Wielder Astaroth
Weapon type Giant Ax
Price 7,500 Gold
Attack 130
Defense 45
HP 35
Power 0
Impact 40
Boost 0
Gauge 60
Special 30]
Native skill None
Terror Moon (SCIII)
Wielder Astaroth
Weapon type Giant Ax
Price 12,100 Gold
Special Effect #1 Some attacks become Counters.
Special Effect #2 Penetrate your opponent's guard and inflict damage.
Terror Moon (SCII)
General Information
Wielder Astaroth
Weapon Type Giant Ax
For sale in Chapter 2
Price 900 Gold

Terror Moon is one of Astaroth's weapons in Soul Calibur II, III, and IV.

Soul Calibur II

Penetrates defenses, but lacks defense.

Offense: 100% Defense: 70%

Note: Opponents who block attacks from Terror Moon still receive 20% damage from blow.

Description: It was originally called the Moon of Fortune, but each successive owner died a horrible death one after another, and now no one dares touch it. At some point, it gained its current name. This cursed blade has the ability to slip right through an opponent's guard. On the other hand, its decorative design makes it somewhat frail.

Soul Calibur III

The Terror Moon has a mostly ceremonial appearance in that the silver engravings on its blade are intricate and detailed, resembling a modified lunar surface. Because of this fragility it is difficult to resist attacks with it. However, this also makes some of the wielders' attacks slip past and opponents defenses to deal damage even when blocked. The blade of the axe itself resembles a crescent moon, from which it's name and reputation derive.

Soul Calibur IV

Terror Moon is one of Astaroth's weapons in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 7,500 Gold after completing Story Mode with Astaroth


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