Termite Snack (SCIII)
Wielder Maxi
Weapon type Nunchaku
Price 23,000 Gold
Special Effect #1 Change weapon hit SE to special SE.
Special Effect #2 Decrease defense power.
Termite Snack (SCII)
General Information
Wielder Maxi
Weapon Type Nunchaku
For sale in Subchapter 2
Price 12,500 Gold

The Termite Snack is Maxi's Joke Weapon in Soulcalibur II. It can be purchased for 12,500 gold at the shop in Sub-chapter 2: Alioth. It can also be unlocked by completing Subchapter 4: Procyon's Stage 3: Mount Procyon-Extra.

Offense: 80%

Defense: 80%

Special: None

"Old and decrepit weapon filled with memories of a raging adolescence."
— Weapon Gallery description.

From the Weapon Gallery: "An old nunchaku left behind in storage in Maxi's home of Shuri in Ryukyu. It is believed that these are the very first nunchaku he used when he began his training. It isn't very useful as a weapon, and could possibly break easily, but perhaps it might cause opponents to let down their guard."

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