Ten Feet of Blue
LX 1p
Wielder Leixia
Weapon type Chinese Blade

Ten Feet of Blue is the primary Chinese sword used by Leixia in Soulcalibur V. The weapon's design bears many similarities to her mother's previous weapons Krita-Yuga and No Name except Ten Feet of Blue has shades of cyan and sky blue on its handle and a unique, dragon-like snail piece on the sword as well. 

This blade was crafted by one of the master weaponsmiths employed by Yan Wujin, based on very specific instructions from Leixia herself. After reading a story about a hero who used a magic sword to bring peace to the world, she begged her parents for her own sword. 

Xianghua began teaching Leixia sword techniques when she was eight years old. While she saw it as humoring her daughter at first, Xianghua eventually realized she was acting as a sword master training a talented disciple.

Leixia's use of her blade was somewhat more abrupt than her mother's technique, due to her own personality.


  • Ten Feet of Blue is a nickname for the fictional character Hu Sanniang, of the Chinese literature Water Margin, a novel which Leixia had read.

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