Super Battle Sound Attack Soul Edge
[[Super Battle Sound Attack Soul Edge cover|250px]]
Released October 21, 1996
Length 42:24 (1 disc, 26 tracks)
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Super Battle Sound Attack Soul Edge features music in Soul Edge. It was composed by the Namco Sound Team and published by Pony Canyon. It's catalog number is PCCG-00365.

Track listing

Track Title Length Notes
1 "Opening Title Ver. 1" 0:16 Arcade Demo Intro Theme (Ver. 1)
2 "Opening Title Ver. 2" 0:27 Arcade Demo Intro Theme (Ver. 2)
3 "Epic Calling!" 1:15 Character Select Screen
4 "Into the Battle" 0:08 New Challenger Appears!
5 "The Wind and Cloud" 2:44 Mitsurugi Stage BGM
6 "Future Dancin" 1:37 Taki Stage BGM
7 "Heavenly Engage" 3:13 Sophitia Stage BGM
8 "Soul and Sword" 2:47 Siegfried Stage BGM
9 "Dragon's Call" 2:52 Li Long Stage BGM
10 "The Gears of Madness" 2:47 Voldo Stage BGM
11 "Horangi Arirang" 2:47 Hwang Seong-gyeong Stage BGM
12 "Khaduri" 2:08 Seong Mi-na Stage BGM
13 "Recollect Continent" 3:04 Rock Stage BGM
14 "Bravely Folk Song" 3:08 Cervantes Stage BGM
15 "World Atlas Collapsed" 2:39 SoulEdge Stage BGM
16 "War Age" 0:50 Mitsurugi/Hwang EMM (Edge Master Mode) Ending Theme
17 "The Deed is Done" 0:50 Taki EMM Ending Theme
18 "Goddess in Triumph" 0:50 Sophitia EMM Ending Theme
19 "The Carnage Has Begun ~ Into a Trance" 0:49 Siegfried/Cervantes EMM Ending Theme
20 "The Last Bit of Hope ~ Dragon's Gasp" 0:50 Li Long EMM Ending Theme
21 "And the Blind Shall See" 0:47 Voldo EMM Ending Theme
22 "Sparrow's Return" 0:50 Seong Mi-na EMM Ending Theme
23 "Sunrise Promise" 0:50 Rock EMM Ending Theme
24 "Coming Soon" 0:25 EMM Introduction
25 "Courage" 1:41 Name Entry
26 "Finale and End Credit" 1:50 Credits BGM

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