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Transcending history and the world... an epic tale of souls and swords, eternally retold...

The Soul series has had many incarnations but most keeping a constant story arch. All games gave multiple ending depending on which warrior won the final battle of the game however each game has a canonical ending that causes the event of the sequel game to happen as they do. Out of the eight Soul series games that exist only Soulcalibur Legends and Soulcalibur Broken Destiny are non canonical. The games have come out pretty much in chronological order.

Note: This storyline only focuses on the primary events that took place in the games that contributed to the overall story arc. For information about the stories of other characters, see their respective pages.

Pre Soul Edge

Long ago, an ordinary sword was forged by a nameless blacksmith. Over the years, however, this sword would bathe in blood, hatred, and death, and would form a malevolent will of its own. This evil sword became known as Soul Edge.

Soul Edge's first known wielder was the ancient king, Algol, whose powerful will was strong enough to overpower the sword's. However, Algol's son, Arcturus, jealous of his father's power, tried to steal Soul Edge for himself, and became possessed by its will. Algol was left with no choice but to stop Soul Edge, killing his own son in the process.

Algol swore revenge against the cursed blade and used fragments from it, along with a purification process that ultimately cost him his own life, to create a counterpart weapon with the power to stop Soul Edge. This divine blade would be given the name Soul Calibur.

Over the ensuing years, a tribe of people, sworn to protect the sacred sword, ensured that it fell into the hands of a hero who would wield it properly if the power of Soul Edge ever threatened the world again. One of the tribe members, Zasalamel, tried to take Soul Calibur for himself, but was caught and banished from the tribe as a result.

As the years went by, the seemingly neverending war between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur continued. If an evil too up Soul Edge and threatened the world, a hero would take up Soul Calibur and stand against him. Some of the heroes that weilded Soul Calibur included King Arthur.

Soul Edge

In the year 1559, the dreaded pirate Cervantes de Leon had stolen the now-twin blades that made up Soul Edge from an English Merchant that had purchased them at an auction house. For the next twenty-five years, the pirate would spend his time in a Spanish Port Town whose inhabitants he had slaughtered, taking on all comers who dared to challenge him for the blades, and feeding their souls to the evil sword after slaying them.

By this time, Soul Calibur had hidden itself, transforming into the Krita-Yuga, one of the sacred artifacts of the Ling Sheng Su Temple. The Krita-Yuga would later be stolen, and would eventually end up in the hands of Chai Xianghua, who inherited it from her mother.

With Soul Edge's power rising, and rumors spreading about its legendary power, many warriors would rise up, attempting to find Soul Edge for their own reasons. It would ultimately be Sophitia Alexandra, send by an Oracle from her god, Hephaestus, that would confront Cervantes.

A brutal battle ensued, and Sophita managed to land a decisive strike that shattered the smaller of the Soul Edge blades. Stricken with pain and blinded by rage, Cervantes defeated Sophitia and beat her to near death. However, Cervantes would meet his own demise when the ninja Taki arrived, saving Sophitia and cutting down Cervantes.

With Sophitia badly wounded, all Taki could do was carry her away from the port. Not long after, Siegfried Schtauffen arrived, also seeking Soul Edge. Finding one of Soul Edge's blades left beside the fallen pirate, Siegfried attempted to grab it for himself. However, Soul Edge's power flowed into Cervantes, causing him to rise again as the will of the Evil Sword, Inferno.

A fierce struggle for control of Soul Edge ensued, with Siegfried emerging victorious. As he reached out to claim his prize, however, he became overwhelmed by its power. Shortly after, a beautiful array of light shot into the sky, and began to rain down all over the world. Little did anyone realize that this beautiful display would be a source of great terror to the world, as it was the fall of the Evil Seed.


The day of the Evil Seed impacted many lives. The Ling Sheng Su Temple would fall into chaos as all the monks turned on one another, leaving Kilik the sole survivor. Aeon Calcos, another warrior given an oracle by Hephaestus, would be driven mad and go on a rampage. But worst of all, with the claiming of Soul Edge, Siegfried would be transformed into the Azure Terror, Nightmare, and would soon begins to carve a path of destruction throughout all of Europe.

For the next three years, Kilik was being trained by Edge Master to learn how to contain the evil within himself so that one day, he could set out on a quest to destroy the accursed sword once and for all. When his training was complete, he set out on this very quest. He would later be joined by Maxi and Xianghua.

After a long journey with many trials, Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi engaged Nightmare at Ostrheinsburg Castle. Although Maxi was supposedly killed, Kilik managed to defeat Nightmare and shatter Soul Edge. It was then that the reborn Inferno engaged them in his home realm, and Xianghua stepped forward to fight. At this point, the Krita-Yuga in Xianghua's possession revealed its true form as Soul Calibur once again. Xianghua defeated Inferno, but had to leave Soul Calibur behind to get Kilik to safety before the void collapsed.

Soulcalibur II

With the destruction of Soul Edge, Siegfried was set free from its enslavement. Sadly, this freedom would be short-lived. Four years later, Nightmare had reasserted control, and was roaming the world to find the Fragments of Soul Edge to regain its power. Meanwhile, Soul Calibur had been consumed by Soul Edge, which was slowly beginning to warp the holy sword into another weapon of evil.

Just before Nightmare could finish the task of restoring all of Soul Edge's power, Raphael Sorel appeared, challenging Nightmare for the legendary blade. The battle ended with Nightmare being victorious, but in a last ditch effort, Raphael managed to strike a blow to the eye of Soul Edge, causing him great pain.

Inside Nightmare's mind, the shock of this attack gave Siegfried the opening he needed. Siegfried re-took control of his body, and spotted Soul Calibur, which was freed from Soul Edge by Raphael's attack. Siegfried seized Soul Calibur and stabbed it into the eye of Soul Edge, locking both swords into a Soul Embrace that sealed away both their powers.

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