Souvenir Gift (SCIII)
Wielder Mitsurugi
Weapon type Katana
Price 20,500 Gold
Special Effect #1 Change weapon hit SE to special SE.
Special Effect #2 Decrease attack power.
Souvenir Gift (SCII)
General Information
Wielder Mitsurugi
Weapon Type Katana
For sale in Subchapter 2
Price 12,500 Gold

Souvenir Gift is Mitsurugi's joke weapon in Soulcalibur II and Soulcalibur III. It is a cheap replica of a bokken, a wooden katana.

"A handmade wooden sword. Don't be deceived by its looks!"
— Weapon Gallery description.

A man claiming to be a Japanese samurai gave this carved wooden sword to a family living in a remote part of Northern Europe. According to the man, it was a product of his homeland, but upon further investigation it was found to have been made from local wood. Because it doesn't look like a strong weapon, it may catch opponents off-guard.

It is basically a weak looking wooden sword. In Soulcalibur II it is accomapnied by a moving rattle sound effect, but in Soulcalibur III the sound is replaced by a cartoon like "being hit" sound.

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