South France Mansion - Library
South France Mansion Library
Background music No Turning Back
Home to Raphael (SCII)

South France Mansion - Library is a stage in Soulcalibur II. It is Raphael's home stage and Ivy's arcade and exhibition stage.

The master of this domicile is no longer alive. The rich lord that lived here was poisoned, and the man who lived here since left this place recently. Other than the wing where the servants and the child that the man brought reside, this mansion is in desolate silence. It is said that the man did not come out of this library until the day he left on his journey. Surprisingly, there are no traces on the bookshelves or anywhere else in the room that give a clue to what the man was doing in this place. The silent mansion awaits the return of its master... or the visitor.

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