These are the weapons used by the various characters in Soulcalibur: Astaroth, Cervantes, Edge Master, Hwang, Ivy, Kilik, Lizardman, Maxi, Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Rock, Seong Mi-na, Siegfried, Sophitia, Taki, Voldo, Xianghua, and Yoshimitsu.


Pictures are needed for:

Kulutues (1P & 2P)

Acheron & Nirvana (1P & 2P)

Blue Thunder (1P & 2P)

Ivy Blade (1P & 2P)

Kali-Yuga (1P & 2P)

Xi Sword & Game Shield (1P & 2P)

Fatibal (1P & 2P)

Shishi-Oh (1P & 2P)

Soul Edge (1P & 2P)

Apocalypse (1P & 2P)

Scarlet Thunder (1P & 2P)

Requiem (1P & 2P)

Omega Sword & Elk Shield (1P & 2P)

Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru (2P)

Shame & Blame (2P)

Krita-Yuga (2P)

Soul Calibur (1P & 2P)

Yoshimitsu (1P & 2P)

and all of Edge Master's weapons


Krita-Yuga as it appears in Soulcalibur

Taki e

Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru as they appear in Soulcalibur

Shame blame

Shame & Blame as they appear in Soulcalibur

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