Soulcalibur Original Soundtrack
[[Soulcalibur Original Soundtrack cover|250px]]
Released October 21, 1999
Length 62:26 (disc 1, 33 tracks)
10:55 (disc 2, 4 tracks)
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The Soulcalibur Original Soundtrack is the original soundtrack of Soulcalibur. It was composed by Junichi Nakatsuru, Yohihito Yano, Akitaka Tohyama, Takanori Otsuka, and Hideki Tobeta. Its catalog number is APCG-9006.

Track list

Disc 1

Track Title Length Notes
1 "Light & Darkness" 2:01 Opening Theme
2 "The Stage of History" 1:07 Character Select Screen
3 "The New Legend" 2:37 Proving Grounds Theme
4 "Bloom and Harvest" 2:33 Emperor's Garden Theme
5 "Sail Over the Storm" 2:46 Harbour of Souls Theme
6 "Duelists" 2:48 Takamatsu Castle Theme
7 "The Cursed Image" 2:52 Hoko Temple Theme
8 "Sweet Illusion" 2:38 Money Pit Theme
9 "Wings of Faith" 2:37 Shrine of Eurydice Theme
10 "In the Name of Father" 2:27 Ostrheinsburg Castle Theme
11 "Bred from the Gap" 2:40 Palgaea/Kunpaetku Shrine Theme
12 "Unblessed Soul" 2:34 Valentine Mansion Theme
13 "Beyond the Horizon" 2:32 Silk Road Ruins Theme
14 "Chasing Downstream" 2:44 Water Labyrinth Theme
15 "Worth Dying For" 2:29 City of Water Theme
16 "The Gathering: Fatal Gravity" 2:51 The Colosseum Theme
17 "Eye to Eye, Blade to Blade" 1:31 Maze of the Dead Theme
18 "Leaving the World Behind" 2:51 The Adrian and the Fortress Theme
19 "Immortal Flame" 2:44 Chaos Theme
20 "Everlasting Quest" 1:33 Mission Mode Theme
21 "Going to Where the Wind Blows" 1:50 Slideshow
22 "Kaleidoscope" 1:22 Intro Edit Mode
23 "Going to Where the Wind Blows: Reprise" 2:29 Art Gallery
24 "The Seal Was Broken" 0:09 Mission Mode-Cleared
25 "Prepare to Unleash Yourself" 0:08 Here Comes A New Challenger
26 "Prepare to Defend Yourself" 0:07 Destined Battle
27 "Apocalypse" 0:44 Ending 1
28 "Sacrifice" 0:43 Ending 2
29 "Forever Onward" 0:42 Ending 3
30 "Into the Sunlight" 0:44 Ending 4
31 "No Remorse, No Pain" 0:42 Ending 5
32 "The Legend Will Never Die" 1:41 Name Entry
33 "Recollection: A Tribute to Those Who Shed Red" 2:10 Staff Roll

Disc 2

Track Title Length Notes
1 "Under the Star of Destiny" (Arcade Version) 0:49 Arcade Version Opening
2 "Recollection: A Tribute to Those Who Shed Red" (Arcade Version) 1:57
3 "Light & Darkness" (Soul Mix) 4:55 Original
4 "Going to Where the Wind Blows" (Piano Mix) 3:14 Original


  • The New Legend, The Cursed Image, Sail Over The Storm, Bred From The Gap, and Beyond the Horizon were brought back for Soulcalibur III
  • "Sacrifice" (Maxi's Ending) was Sampled into the Eminem song "Hellbound" - the song begins with the line "Welcome Back to the Stage of History".

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