Soul Edge Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session
[[Soul Edge Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session cover|250px]]
Released December 18, 1996
Length 58:09 (1 disc, 16 tracks)
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Soul Edge Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session is a soundtrack created for Soul Edge. It has tracks that differ from the original, but nonetheless reflect each character in the game's roster. Its publisher was BMG Japan Entertainment and composed by Bentenmaru (KHAN) (tracks 2, 8, 10, and 16), Taku Iwasaki (tracks 9, 13, and 15), Masumi Ito (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 14), Yoshiyuki Ito (tracks 6 and 12), and Aki Hata (track 4).

Arrangements were done by KHAN (tracks 2 and 16), Kazunori Miyake (track 2), Himeko Yamamoto (tracks 8, 10, and 16), Masumi Ito (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 14), Taku Iwasaki (tracks 9, 13, and 15), Yoshiyuki Ito (track 6), and Aki Hata (tracks 4 and 12). Its catalog number is BVCH-732.

Track listing

Track Title Length Notes
1 "Doubtful Judgement" 3:46 SoulEdge Stage BGM
2 "The Edge of Soul" 4:20 PS1 Intro Movie BGM
3 "An Oath of the Sword" 1:33 Character Select Screen
4 "P.N.K.N." 3:46 Colosseum - Asia/Seong Han-myeong Stage BGM
5 "Castaway into Darkness" 3:42 Cervantes Stage BGM
6 "Hagakure" 3:58 Mitsurugi Stage BGM
7 "Eternal Memories" 1:31 Name Entry
8 "A Haunting Wind" 3:58 Taki Stage BGM
9 "Another Fanatic" 3:43 Voldo Stage BGM
10 "Moonlight Shadows" 4:25 Li Long Stage BGM
11 "A Continental Gale" 3:46 Rock Stage BGM
12 "Tiny Amulet" 3:44 Seong Mi-na Stage BGM
13 "Yellow Sands" 3:31 Hwang Seong-gyeong Stage BGM
14 "A Mediterranean Call" 3:45 Sophitia Stage BGM
15 "Darkness of Fate" 4:07 Siegfried Stage BGM
16 "Our Way Home" 4:34 Credits BGM

PlayStation and CD differences

The song versions from this album differ slightly from those on PlayStation disc. Almost every track is extended and is a longer, arranged version of what is in the game. "The Edge of Soul" is the full version on the album, while the game version was edited down to fit the opening movie better.

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