Soul Edge & Soul Calibur
Wielder Algol
Price Free
Attack 100
Defense 50
HP 30
Power 0
Impact 30
Boost 40
Gauge 30
Special 0]
Native skill None

Soul Edge & Soul Calibur are the weapons Algol wields. There are eight versions of them, three of which are available by default and five of which must be purchased in Character Creation. To unlock them all, players must beat Story Mode with Algol and can then purchase them. While the swords themselves do not change in appearance from version to version, the stats and effects do, as well as the color of the aura around Algol's feet when fighting (for example, the stock weapons result in a blue aura, while the ultimate weapon has a white aura). Also, Talim has a version of Soul Edge & Soul Calibur.

Soul Edge & Soul Calibur (1P and 2P)

Soul Edge & Soul Calibur (1P) and Soul Edge & Soul Calibur (2P) are available by default and identical in stats though different in appearance. The two versions share a blue aura.



  • Previously, in the non-canon Soul Calibur LegendsIska Farkas wielded both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge at the same time.
  • Talim and Kilik are the only characters who has them both as an ultimate weapon (Algol has these weapons as default weapons, but he has the strongest version of these weapons).
  • As the second strongest character in all the Soul series, Algol wields both Soul Edge & Soul Calibur, thus giving one hand a blue glow and the other red. He contains ten weapons within his body, including: a giant claw that extends from his chest; spikes which emerge from his back; two arms which can morph into cannon-like appendages (see below); Soul Edge and Soul Calibur; curved blades similar to the aforementioned spikes which erupt from his forearms; and blades that come out of his feet, both at the front and heel of either foot. He can also use his throne and its massive weight to great effect, using it to smash the opponent or bring them towards him.
  • Algol also has the unique ability to fire floating, purple ball projectiles from his arm cannons that can be reflected back at him (and reflected back again). He also has the ability to quickly teleport behind his opponent, placing him in an advantageous position during combat.

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