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Soul Calibur Adventures is a spin-off of the Soul Series of fighting games for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. It is a departure from the fighting game conventions of the other games and instead focuses on an action adventure perspective, putting the player in a massive word similar to the Legend of Zelda series, while also incorporating fast paced weapon based combat and RPG elements and customization. The player will be able to take control of a variety of character's with different fighting styles and a part to play in the story. It is the first of a planned trilogy.


After their battle in our world ended, the Soul Swords seemed to haved disappeared. But in reality the energies released in their last battle transported them to another world, a world where castles and magic were commonplace, where dragons reigned in the undaunted mountains and adventures had yet to explore the boundaries of the land. For centuries the swords lay undiscovered, but there came a day when the ancient kingdom of Norengard discovered the swords. It's king mysteriously fallen ill, the task of ruling the kingdom fell to its two princes. One claimed Soul Edge while the other claimed Soul Calibur. They began fighting, until the kingdom was divided in two and a war began. The war ravaged the land, in the end only the swords lay in the ruins of the battlefield. In time people from other lands came and rebuilt the kingdoms. The Zenithian Kingdom on the Eastern Edge of the Continent of Vaulford and the Gradelian Empire on the Western age. For centuries they were at peace, and the tales of the ancient battle became history, and eventually; legends. But now a mysterious warrior by the moniker of Despair has come to the Gradelian Empire, with a strange sword in hand, his motives unknown and his actions about to reignite the doomed war fro ages past.



The protagonist, Prince of the Zenithian Kingdom, 19 years old, on the eve of the celebration of the Kingdom's foundation he feels a strange voice calling to him, when he investigates he finds something that will change his destiny forever.


The main antagonist of the story, he wields the mysterious Sword of the Almighty said to be the legendary treasure of the Gradelian Empire,where and how he found it remains unknown.

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