Other Members from Wolf's Rain are
Wolf's Rain Symbol

Wolf's Rain Insignia


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WR Ilona

Ilona: came to Wolf's Rain when she was travelling around to seek for a home and later joined Wolf's Rain

Her weapon is a Zweihander


Image Description
WR Duncan

Duncan: is the funnyguy in the entire group, he uses his style to be a sort of comedian

His weapons are 2 Katana's 



WR Darius

Darius: a warrior that uses 3 weapons 2 swords and a crossbow makes him a good opponent

he has also a sister that also joined Wolf's Rain named Adrienne and is trained by Rosabella Arcelloni to become better with his weapons

His weapons Swords and Crossbow


Image Description
WR Adrienne

Adrienne: also fight with 3 weapons she and Darius are Brother and Sister and is trained by Rosabella Arcelloni to become better with her weapons

Her weapons Swords and Crossbow


Image Description
WR Jessica

Jessica: a female with her own personality do not make her mad or she beats you up with her weapon a Nunchaku

She fights with a Nunchaku


Image Description
WR Byron

Byron: a massive muscled fighter with a tempered personality, he likes to beat up all kinds of opponents who are making him mad

He fights wit 2 Axes


Image Description
WR Gail

Gail: she joined Wolf's Rain to make herself worthy being a good warrior and a good Teamplayer

She fights with Sword and Shield


Image Description
WR Dan

Dan: this veteran on the battlefield was once saved by Leandra when he was in danger he wields an axe he called Goliath, he later joined Wolf's Rain

He fights with an Axe 


Image Description
WR Naomi

'Naomi: she and Shara joined Wolf's Rain together when they met eachother on the battlefield and became friends

She fights with 2 Ninja Swords


Image Description
WR Colin

Colin: sometimes colin ignores the advice of the Others not to go in battle alone as reckless he can be sometimes, its been said Colin was once a knight of Wolfkrone before he joined Wolf's Rain

He fights with a Sword and a Spear


Image Description
WR Hanelore

Hanelore: She joined Wolf's Rain when she was seeking for a new  goal in her life, after Wolf's Rain Leader Leandra had talked to her she joined her alliance as a new member

She fights with a Iai Sword


Image Description
WR Mike

Mike: This sometimes hot headed guy can't stand weak opponents, he always wants to battle a worth opponent after joining Wolf's Rain he hopes to find his worthy opponent as he can test his sword on his opponents.

He fights with a Snake Sword


Image Description
WR Kristen

Kristen: Another veteran from the battlefield just like Dan, Kristen is an honored swordswoman with her Katana, She once fought a very strong swordswoman named Shura, She joined Wolf's Rain so that she can show everyone that she still can handle a battle on her own.

She fights with a Katana


Image Description
WR Darren

Darren: This bearded guy likes himself allot as sveryone must see how good he is with his Sword, When he joined Wolf's Rain he had an argue with Leandra about the armor as he wanted to make his own armor and Leandra agree'd on the terms of him sow he created his own Wolf's Rain armor as he likes it the most.

He fights with a Rapier


Image Description
WR Lilah

Lilah: She is sometimes a bit klumzy but Lilah has a good heart and wants to be friends with many people she meets, as she handles a good technique with her Sword she is a great and strong fighter when it comes to battle an opponent.

Lilah befriended Anna as she promised to help with her training

She fights with a Sharp Long Sword


Image Description
WR Anna1

Anna: this red-haired 17 year old girl is new to Wolf's Rain, however she joined she may not join in active battles and missions like the others, but she can repair weapons when they are damaged, she learned those skills when she was at the age of 13, as Anna began on her 13th age she was already a fast learner and in 4 years time she was able to restore a complete spear back to normal.

After Anna joined Wolf's Rain and Leandra heard about her fast skills of restoring weapons she promoted Anna to the Blacksmith of Wolf's Rain  .

She also helps Rosabella sometimes with preparing lessons and in her free times she may do a little practice on her own with her Rod

She trains herself with a Rod   


  • Are friends with group members of The Lions' Pride
  • Can also be recruited by The Lions' Pride to assist them on missions
  • Adrienne and Darius are trained by Rosabella Arcelloni an expert in Swordplay and Crossbow shooting
  • The 17 year old Anna is the youngest member of Wolf's Rain, but she is very skilled for a youngster cause she can Repair all kinds of weapons and is also a very handy Mechanic

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