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Shepherd's Crook (SCIII)
Wielder Yoshimitsu
Weapon type Joke weapon
Price 20,500 Gold
Special Effect #1 Change weapon hit SE to special SE.
Special Effect #2 Decrease attack power.
Shepherd's Crook (SCII)
Shepherd's Crook
Wielder Yoshimitsu
Weapon type Joke weapon
For sale in Subchapter 2
Price 12,500 Gold
"Yoshi had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow."
— Weapon Gallery description.

A Shepherd's Crook is Yoshimitsu's joke weapon. It is a staff with a curved end, carried by shepherds. It is a tool for catching sheep by the body or legs and controlling their movement, and is also sometimes referred to as a shepherd's staff. It is obviously not a weapon, but perhaps it is because of this that causes opponents to let down their guard.

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