Shame blame

Shame & Blame as they appear in Soul Calibur

Shame & Blame
General Information
Wielder Voldo
Weapon Type Dual Jamadhar Katars
For sale in Chapter 2, Chapter 3
Price 1,200 Gold

A pair of katars obtained by Vercci on his journey across the seas. Voldo used them to defeat intruders, but even when stained with blood they remain stunning works of art. Their heavy blades are sturdy and well-suited to defense.

Shame & Blame are Voldo's katars in Soulcalibur. Stated to being one of dozen pairs found in Vercci's tomb, and one of which he favored due to their Indian origin. They were used by Voldo mostly to hunt down intruders to the Money Pit.

In Soulcalibur II, Shame & Blame designs were changed to a red color scheme along with the blades having a slight curves near the ends.

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