The Servants appear in Raphael's story mode and ending and Amy's ending. The servants are Marienbard, a green haired woman who fights with a death scythe, voiced by Heather Hogan, Auguste, a wolf headed man who fights with a Chinese Sword, and Jacqueline, a red haired young woman who fights with Dual Kodachi. Marienbard appears in both endings whilst Auguste appears only in Raphael's ending and Jacqueline appears only in Amy's, although Auguste and Jacqueline have the same lines and role. In either ending, the two servants who are present are both killed by Raphael.


  • It is not specifically stated who these characters are, other than being Raphael's servants. It is also never explained why they are on his side, nor are they ever given any background history. However, on Raphael's Story Mode, his first battle is against the three of them, and once they are defeated Raphael says; "Well, will you join me?" from this it can be inferred that he recruited them once he defeated them, but who they were before hand is not mentioned, other than the fact that Raphael starts the battle by saying "So, the evil sword has sent you to do its bidding." presumably referring to Soul Edge, implying that they may have some connection to Soul Edge, however, that could just be an assumption made by Raphael.
  • All of these characters can be created.
  • The player will often fight at least one of these characters, if his/her chosen character has a battle against Raphael.
  • The fact Raphael possessed Soul Calibur and killed his servants never actually took place. What means that they are actually alive. 

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