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Sentry is an enemy that can be fought in Seong Mi-na's story from the "Tales of Souls" mode in Soulcalibur III. Sentry is a guard who patrols under the Dynasty Ming's Headquarter uses the "Staff" Battle style, and wielding the Mushakuboh, wearing Warlord's Armor, Bracelets, Robe, Leather Covering and Boots.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Sentry

Sex: Male

Job: Saint

Weapon: Staff

Alignment: Normal/Light

True Alignment:--

Face: No.10

Eyebrows: Color (5, 25)

Lips: Color (6, 6)

Eyes: Color (2, 27)

Skin: Color (5, 15)


Voice: Young Man 2

True Voice:--


Hair: Bald (11, 5)

Head: Soldier's Helmet (13, 3)

Mid Torso: Warrior's Robe (11, 5)

Upper Torso: Warlord's Armor (13, 3)

Arms: Warlord's Bracelets (13, 3)

Shoulders: Iron Shoulders (13, 3)

Waist: Leather Covering (13, 3/ 9, 19)

Upper Legs: Tapered Pants (11, 5)

Feet: Boots (13, 3)

Information in create a soul formula section was contributed by Ericard [1].

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